A promise 
    is like rings that 
we put on each other,
in hope that one day,
  they come together
     to form infinity.

Special thanks to Sunil Bhattu !!!!!! Because otherwise, this wouldn't have been completed.😊 Also, I deeply apologize to everyone😫😖😩😥. I wanted to write this one from the initial starting point...but wasn't able to decipher the ending....also..I believed that maybe it's meaning would be taken in another way....yes...maybe I was afraid....because here, this was the first time when I really wanted people to understand what I am trying to say and not what they try to decode from it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📿These rings here are the symbol for friendship, And circle an infinite loop, I will call upon you as I feel dizzy As I know you'll be the pill Who makes me through📿 #yqbaba #promisedayspecial #promise #rings #infinity #thelittlefeelings

12 FEB AT 11:32

Perhaps, it is not about how many times he rings your phone in a day. It is about how many times he succeeds to ring your heart every microsecond.

#phonecalls#rings #yqbaba

22 DEC 2017 AT 13:17