The Perfect Romance

It starts raining so is their love in those moments. He suddenly holds her from behind . She forgets everything in that particular moment. She can only sense his heavy breath on the side of her neck and that makes her breath quicken and go restless . Her desires start to build when she looks deep into those desiring eyes of him. Her body stiffens when it responds to soft touch of his hard lips . The more she feels him the more she loses her being . soon everything ceases to exist for them except those moments which come alive by their love and the voyeur raindrops witness two bodies, two hearts , two souls and one perfect story of love and passion being written by two lovers through that window . #rain #romance #passion #lovers #yqbaba #yqtales #yq #yqstory


From my bedroom window
I saw many lonely hearts heading towards their hollowness  at night 
Some were wounded, some were bleeding and some were trying to accept  the light 
Some were lost,some were dead and some were smitten by new plight 
Hanging on to some fathomless hope they somehow carried on with their baggages 
Leaning closer to window sil i heard from them many soulful intricate adages
How it happened ? Why it happened? And what's written next on their pages? 
Should they build stronger walls  or bigger cages ? 
Wind carried their messages to me and rustling of leaves agreed  
Catching glimpses of hardships and pain moon looked at me and beamed 
Welcome to new age and welcome to sophistication 
None knows anyone and none is willing to admit their assasination 
Rainbow comes after every storm they says 
But there i saw empty cups under heavy rains 
Colors faded quickly from there lives 
Dying with little thorns inside they did their best and hide 
What would be the outcome of this excruciating pain and drama ?
I rose my voice and looked aside 
Tears soon build up and breaking the silence came heavy sighs 
Days and nights would fade away but pain would linger with lies

#YQbaba#rain poured down some wisdom #😅


Your silence is
 to my ears.

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