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Krishna virOus 10 DEC AT 12:34

अच्छे चीज करने में problem तो आती है लेकिन आप उस problem को झेल लो तो अच्छे चीज हो ही जाती है...


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Purushothama Shashank 9 DEC AT 17:10

Making decisions in public life sounds easy!

Suggesting solutions for others' problem is simple!!

But,to take a single decision in your life is like walking on thorns!!!


Arifa Hossain 8 DEC AT 17:34

Tumne boldiya hum khudgarz hai
Ab kya karey bolo...
Khudgarz ban jaye ya tumhe jhuta bana de !
Ye kaisi mushkil hai...
Tumhi iska upaay bolo....


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Sushmita Pathak 6 DEC AT 10:32

Life is like a chess ... Problems can checkmate you anytime...
But then the checkmate is the beginning of a new game...
And the defeat by the problem is the beginning of new life!!


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Monu 5 DEC AT 15:47

Problem is not the actual issue....
No solution of that problem is the real issue

-Saloni Gupta


#yqbaba #problem
Not finding any solution is the real problem.

anu sharma 3 DEC AT 20:17

क्या क्या झेला है
मैंने तेरे जाने के बाद मां
मने आज सब कुछ
फिर से भुला दिया
कितनी भी कोशिश कर लूं
तेरे सामने हंसते की
पर मां तेरी यादौ ने
आज फिर से रुला दिया


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Dharam Singh Rathore 3 DEC AT 13:31

Most of us are satisfied with words,we live on words without meaning, but if we examine the problem very closely, very clearly then the problem itself yields the answer.


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