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Gideon Egbeogu 24 MINUTES AGO

The Marionette’s manipulator like stars in a storm
Is unseen and hidden from the eyes..
He makes a mockery of my rigid body,
Spins me like an acrobat.
I follow his lead grudgingly unable to break loose from his grip.
The greatest liar that was ever created was?
You and Pinocchio,
The puppet and the puppeteer,
You and I.
Cause when I say am done been yours to play with
That's a lie
Like Pinocchio saying, ignore my nose
And trust me with your gold.
You devised a game of deceit
Playing me like guitar strings
Every move with an intent
It's recurring,
Like a motif.
But I come again
Starring in your game like an actor.


Uttam Guha 55 MINUTES AGO

রাতের অন্ধকারে নিঃসঙ্গ বিছানায় একান্তে তাকে নিজের করে পাই....
ভোরের আলোয় হাজার অঙ্গের মেকি সঙ্গ-এ তারে ফের হারাই....
সে আমার সাত জন্মের সঙ্গী ও ভক্ত । বুঝলে না কে.....??
আরে ও যে আমার বন্ধু, Dear দুঃখ ....


Tanisha Bhattacharya AN HOUR AGO


The sky skips every next floating cloud
Sweet nothings drizzle down to the cursing ground

Dews of disappearing hopes befall
- Passing by that girl, a whisper to her she calls

All for desolate means
And none for fulsome creeks

Quietened by the shores of shouts
- Passing by that girl, a remorse converses never to douse

Deadening cracks of pulsating plead
Crammed under the surrounding shrieks

- Passing by that girl, a sliver of dream
Narrowing by the blush of her skin
Reddening by the lining of the relentless din


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Uttam Guha AN HOUR AGO

অতীতের নেইকো ইতি, বর্তমানের নেইকো স্থিতি, ভবিষ্যতেরই কী বা হবে গতি ?

হায়রে মানব জাত, শ্রেষ্ঠ জীবের অহং-পাপ;প্রকৃতিকে দিয়ে শাপ
গড়ছো কি এ ধ্বংস কীর্তি.....???


Gideon Egbeogu AN HOUR AGO

Walking around with unseeing eyes
Yet trying to lead a pack am unaware of
In a path I can't see,
Do they see as the stumble with me?
If not,
Am a blind man leading a blind crowd
Who can see,
But nothing but me,
And can't see the boy at the corner shouting,
"Stop!!!!!, that's a dead end,
Yet are fully convinced when they shouted back " shut up!!"
That's the kind of Society we live in....


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Shailesh Kumar Tripathi 2 HOURS AGO

A resolute mind
A noble heart
She is indeed a masterpiece
An Amazing piece of art
Countless aspirations
Boundless energy
She surprises me with her alacrity
Wherever she goes
She brings peace and prosperity
She may be unpredictable
Innocent and sharp
My mind just couldn't grasp
She lives with bewildering intensity
For she understands life and it's brevity
Yes,there are diamonds
But she is the one to keep
Now and forever
For her honesty is the real beauty


Manoj Baishya 3 HOURS AGO

#এইবাটে নাহিবা তুমি নীলাঞ্জনা   … । #

মোৰ বাটে নাহিবা তুমি
কাঁইটীয়া এইবাট ,
ইয়াত নুফুলে সুখৰ ফুল
এই বাটে গীত নুজুৰে পাটমাদৈয়ে ...।

এইবাটে দুখৰ ৰণশিঙা বাজে
নিতৌ একোখন সমৰ চলে
মগজু আৰু হৃদয়ৰ ..

আধামৰা হয় মৰমবোৰ … ।

নাহিবা তুমি মোৰ বাটে
এইবাটে জুই ফুল ফুলে ,
ক্ষোভৰ দাবানল অহৰহ জ্বলে ।

সন্ধিয়া হ'লেই এইবাটে ঘূৰি ফুৰে
বিশ্বাসৰ প্ৰেতাত্মা ,
সিহঁতে মৰম নিচিনে
ধাৰাল নখেৰে ফালি চিৰাচিৰ কৰে
প্ৰতিশ্ৰুতিৰ উৱলি যোৱা দলিল .. ।

নাহিবা তুমি মোৰ বাটে নীলাঞ্জনা
কাঁইটীয়া এইবাট তেনেই জয়াল ..।

✍️মনোজ বৈশ্য



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