सुन ऐ ज़िन्दगी ,
बहुत हुई तेरी मनमानियाँ !

मुझमे अभी बचपना और भी हैं !

सुन ऐ ज़िन्दगी , बहुत हुई तेरी बेरुखी ! मुझमे अभी लड़ने की ज़िद्द और भी हैं ! सुन ऐ ज़िन्दगी , बहुत हुई तेरी मनमानियाँ ! मुझमे अभी बचपना और भी हैं ! #poem #poetry #shayari #hindi #urdu #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales


The sweetest togetherness is when there is a surrender of the entirety of each other into one another. My economics professor once jovially quipped about how every relationship is governed by the "principle of least interest" which states that the person with the least interest has the greatest power in a relationship. Well, no wonder this world is full of broken hearts and aching minds. Then, there are words that glorify these brokenness and darkness. And the lamenting of what could be and what should have been and shouldn't have. I loved him long before I met him. Like a constant northern star he was there in everything and everywhere I went. And with him there is no least interest from me or him. We crave and desire one another as if it the breath our lungs crave for. Life itself beats as us. Our universe is that of our union. Oneness forever. And we are together as one. Inseparable. This reminds me of a wonderful lesson by Yajnavalkiya: Maitreyī ātmano vā are darśanena śravaṇena matyā vijñānenedaṁ sarvaṁ viditam: “If you can grasp the significance of what this Ātman (SELF) is, you have known everything; and then, you have possessed everything; you have become all things. There is nothing left to desire afterwards. And if this is not to be achieved, what is going to be your fate? Suppose you do not have this knowledge, everything shall leave you one day or the other. Today this goes, tomorrow that goes; and the history of humanity has told us repeatedly that you cannot lay trust upon anything. You have seen things coming and things going; today it is there, tomorrow it is not there. You cannot know what will happen tomorrow, and what will be the status and state of things at any moment of time. Everything shall desert a person if he is bereft of this knowledge. Because they are not a part of his being, how can they be with him always? That which is not ‘you’ cannot be possessed by you. That which is not ‘you’ really, cannot be a property of yours. That which is not ‘you’ cannot be with you always. Therefore it shall leave you. But why do you cry if anything goes away, and there is bereavement, loss, etc.? It is quite natural to lose them; it is exactly as things ought to be. Things which are outside you do not belong to you; therefore it is no use crying over them. What is the difficulty, what is the problem, and why are you worrying about it? If they become ‘you’ they cannot leave you, because you cannot be dispossessed of yourself. You are dispossessed of only those things which are not yours. This point, you must understand.” Temporary post. //smimano #yqbaba #yqtales #yqdidi #yourquote #love #quote #poem #theobscureobvious