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Nandini Mehrotra 9 MAY 2017 AT 14:20

It's good to be broken.
For it is only
In the process of healing
You learn to
Straighten a crumpled heart
And mend a tattered soul.


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प्राश ✍️.. 4 MAR 2018 AT 9:05

..न सांवला श्याम मैं,मनोहारी;
तू व्याकुल,बावरी राधा मोरी।🌿
चाहूँ रंग दूँ..खेलू जी भर के होरी;
मधुबन का पर मैं,नंदलाल नहीं।

..प्रीत पीयूष मधुर,पी ना सकी; Un -fulfilled L💝vE
क़ुसूर ये मोरा,ओ सुमुखी सखी। Yet, a treasure trove!
सूनी मांग सँवार दूँ..चुटकी भर;🔽 💠 ➖ 💠
पास सिंदूरी वो,पावन गुलाल नहीं! 🎶 🎶

..अधीर अधरों की,मौन बोली;
समा जाए इक दूजे में,हमजोली।
पिघले मुझमें जो तू..छाया बनकर; 🌾न संगिनी, तू विरहिणी!
प्रिये वो मैं,लम्हा-ए-विसाल नहीं!🍁 🥀 Separation; destinY


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Harsh Snehanshu 26 JUN 2017 AT 4:27

जिस बेनाम बचपन के लिए पूरी जवानी
पिताजी की वृहत परछाई को कोसा,
उस परछाई को अब देखने पर मालूम होता है
कि वो पिताजी की दी हुई छांव थी।


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Priyanka Srivastava 5 DEC 2016 AT 10:01

If you can't be
Happy in your own home
You can't be happy anywhere
Find the happiness within
Don't depend on others
For your own peace ..


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Harsh Snehanshu 26 AUG 2018 AT 16:11

In Bengaluru,
distance is measured
in kilometers. They say,
six kilometers away.

In Mumbai,
distance is measured
in hours. They say,
two hours away.

In the place called now,
(which is where we both live)
distance is measured
in words left unsaid.
We say, go away.


Reposting one year old #poem

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Amit Mishra 16 JUL 2018 AT 21:04


मैं लिख सकता एक कविता
जो मैं हर रोज पढ़ता हूँ
अंतर्मन के अनकहे जज़्बात
जो मैं हर रोज सुनता हूँ



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Naina Kataria 7 NOV 2017 AT 11:51

//Just another sad poem//
Tonight I wish to cry
Tonight I wish to write
just another sad poem about
everything I survived
everything I'm tired of
everything that took me away
from me
Tonight I wish to sink
in every shred of gloom that tried
to dissolve me
I was never good at swimming anyway.
I wish to stop disguising my pain
midst similes and metaphors
and put it out the way it's been

So, tonight, I'll drench this poem
like every other one
in sorrow
Except that
it's day right now
I got no tears left


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Khushi Bhargava 12 DEC 2017 AT 16:20

Smooth fair face looks good
but innocence on face is something
Eyeliner looks good
but purity in eyes is something
Straight hairs look good
but getting trapped in curls is something
Trending accessories look good
but old fashioned ring is something
Pout looks good
but smiling face is something
Fancy dresses look good
but baggy t-shirts are something
Smart girls look good
but soulful girl is everything


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Harsh Snehanshu 12 NOV 2016 AT 9:13

Stop worrying,
my friend,
about my indifference
to your love for me.

No indifference has ever
affected a lover
for long. You, my friend,
will give up & move on.

What has destroyed lovers,
instead, is being loved
far too much at first
and then, not at all.


Letter to the hearts I have broken. #poem #love #indifference #TooMuch

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Harsh Snehanshu 14 DEC 2016 AT 13:41

आप नहीं
इक हिचकी
ही सही


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