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17 AUG 2019 AT 5:54

Happy birthday Pj!!🎂
This piggy bank is your birthday gift. In which we put friendship memories day by day and I have believe you'll never break it.


6 OCT 2020 AT 15:13

நீ தரும்
piggy bank
நான் !


28 DEC 2021 AT 7:43

I'm the piggy bank,
I create huge noise,
But I never fulfil
All your wishes...
She uttered,

But I saved my love
day by day just for you,
Maybe I broke you
when you sound loud,
But you keep on
making me smile at
smaller things...!
I replied...!!


16 JUN 2019 AT 17:45

Remember the piggy banks from our childhood? We used to break them to get our valuable coins. Those shimmering pennies meant treasure to us. I treasured you the same in my heart. And you destroyed me. I was like that piggy bank that housed a single gem, you. You destroyed me with your kisses again and again. I am shattered by your love and now all that remains is two "you". I am not me anymore. It's just us. Two of us. Two of you. I never knew destruction felt so good.
(Blabbering heavily in caption)


11 JUN 2019 AT 18:43

Have you remembered that piggy bank ,
you put one rupee coin everyday,
to measure the durability of our relationship?

It is bankrupted now.


10 MAY 2017 AT 5:39

The feelings
that you
instill in your
Piggy bank account
can never really be
replaced to

© Tanushree


21 AUG 2021 AT 11:14

किसी को कमजोर नहीं समझना चाहिए,
क्योंकि, बहुत सी चीजे कमजोर हिफाजत में भी महफूज होती है,
जैसे कि, मिट्टी की गुल्लक में लोहे के सिक्के महफूज होते है...।


7 JUN 2018 AT 12:26

There are friendship coins in the piggy bank of our Life.


5 MAR 2021 AT 9:07

Capture your own shots
Dont follow the screenshots


16 OCT 2020 AT 21:01

Years ago, my piggy bank was all I'd got to call as a bank locker. When it used to break, it broke me with it. Either willingly or against my will, I'd to break it someday. It was the money stored in it which I needed. But on its breakage, I would hardly pay any heed to the silvery coins which jingled on the floor and the paper notes of rupees ten and twenty which flew in the air when a breeze escaped the drapes of the window. Rather, I'll kneel on the ground and clutch onto the shattered pieces of frozen mud while weeping my heart out. It would take me a longer span of time to recover from the loss of my friend who made me learn the art of saving. It wasn't like I'll be all alone as my mother will bought me a new pinky ponky piggy on the very next day. But the sad part was it also met its death when my wants exceeded their limits. That's why, it's arrival failed to exhilarate me. Nevertheless, I'd welcomed it in my life, filled it's tummy with currency and then, strangled it a day. I'm happy for growing up as there won't be anymore blood on my hands. But I can't forgive myself for all the deaths I've cause. My conscience will never free me from this burden which my heart carries.