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I try to sleep as early as possible,
Away from the social Buzz I try to be,
But then comes the decision that my heart wanna take,
That of fondling with your pictures and thoughts.

Those nights get disturbed which we together,
Spent in each other's words and thoughts.
And at times when we used to complain about them,
Saying they are too short for our talks.

But alas! The reality is dreams come at night,
So when you left, I considered you as a nights' dream,
Because I know if I would have considered you as a daydream,
Then it would have been really tough for me to go alone.

And yeh, not a daydream you are,
Cause they say at times to me,
That dreams dreamnt at morning are mostly true,
But trust me now I don't want you. 

So get out of my head, 
As soon as possible you can,
Otherwise I am sure I am gonna kick you out,
By letting you know that taking me for granted was your fault.

And making sure that we don't even meet or talk,
Cause darling, ofcourse I deserve a better man,
Who would love। me the way I am,
And who will consider me as his daydream.

Hey, everybody. One thing I want to tell you all, that this isn't any sort of poem but just a piece from my thought book about respect for girls and their love. And ofcourse eveybody deserves the best and will. All we need to do is wait and have patience's. I have it, and hope you too. Thank you #notapoem #thoughts #borken #respectyourself #respectgirls #sanchiquotes

की डर क्यों नहीं लगता है,
एक आ एक ये हिम्मत,
ये हौसला,
ये तो मेरे न था कभी,
या थे,
बस, मेरा डर उनपे
हावी था ।।

#notapoem #loveforwriting यह जानना भी बहुत ज़रूरी है कि हमें डर किस बात से लगता है। मन एक छदम बना कर जीने लगता है। ऐसे में स्थिति और बिगड़ती चली जाती है। Collab करें YQ Didi के साथ। अपनी भावों को लिख कर या रिकॉर्ड कर के साझा करें। #डरलगताहै #yqdidi #yqbaba #collab #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Didi