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I'm the fire. I won't get consumed.
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I'm the fire. I won't get consumed.
Joined 1 September 2016
Shikha 22 MAY AT 10:10


If I could write poems
on the meanders
of the Ganges,

they would be as pure
as the shivering curves
on your lips —

when you call out my name.


•• la vie en rose ••


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Shikha 10 MAY AT 21:59

I've embraced
our adversities with
open arms;
slept less, while waking
up in your dreams.

Some nights,
you may not know
but I pave way ..
so the stars sing to you
lullabies -
in my voice
that you adore so much.
Those nights,
you may not know,
my skies

aren't sleepy enough.


Bright Blues (xix)
Others in the series: #BrightBlues


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Shikha 10 MAY AT 17:50

You, are like the lines
of my favorite poems
of Bachchan.

I always tend to find
references in life
leading to an analogy
connected with you.


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Shikha 1 MAY AT 0:03

It'll come to you
on nights, when I'm not around -
the warmth
of our love's bleeding tears.
When the weight of my silence
will outcast your words.

When all that remains between
our entwined fingers
is everything, but love.

It'll come to you
tiptoeing -
my little heart,
that shrinks each day more,
It'll come to you
in carcasses.

Would you crave it still?


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Shikha 21 APR AT 22:20

fatal arms ..


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Shikha 20 APR AT 0:33

You remember,
how your eyes smile

when you look at me
as I walk to you,
our catastrophes and

I feel that smile in me,
right now;

though the night isn't
sleepy enough!


Bright Blues (xviii)

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Shikha 1 APR AT 1:19

The Sense of an Ending
(in caption)


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Shikha 31 MAR AT 23:22

Flow through me like

pain flows in the salty rivers
of my eyes;

stuck at the threshold;
unable to give in,
and yet the only one
that belongs;

with me.


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Shikha 26 MAR AT 10:21

It's ironical to observe,
how reading fiction
makes you more aware
of realities.


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Shikha 25 MAR AT 8:16

क्यों राख की लपटों में,
मुझे आकार से दिखते हैं?


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