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I'm the fire. I won't get consumed.
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I'm the fire. I won't get consumed.
Joined 1 September 2016
Shikha YESTERDAY AT 13:38



मुझे सब है याद ज़रा ज़रा;
तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो।

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Shikha 22 MAR AT 0:19

A poem is not
merely a culmination
of words,
or rhythm.
A poem is not
what can be asked for
and written away.
A poem is not
a destination where you
reach with a blueprint.

It's a beautiful mesh, of a beautiful mess;
enircircling the foreplay of words,
living through their nooks,
before they consummate
into a love affair
of eternal elegance.


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Shikha 21 MAR AT 17:42

// torn

If I tear apart
my existence
into pieces -

one that belonged to you,
one that never;

would you still find two?


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Shikha 18 MAR AT 23:40

// homeless

I look for shelter
amidst an upside down storm,
in a place
where I felt at home;

Could I be more


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Shikha 17 MAR AT 22:51



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Shikha 16 MAR AT 23:48

As the nights get subsumed
in the agonies of sunshine;

let dreams dim your chamber
for a while.
let your kohl shine darker.
let crimson traces paint your hues.
let the twigs entagle in your locks.

The shimmer of the moon, for a while,
is yours.
The darkness, yours.
With open arms, adversities you embrace;

let it be; 'not maybe',
for a while ..


A mythful sunshine.

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Shikha 15 MAR AT 7:36

Of all that's ephemeral,
why does faith hurt the most ?



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Shikha 14 MAR AT 23:16

On nights when the sky
isn't sleepy enough,
I can feel the blues running
through my veins.

Do you ever feel so helpless and tired
that your soul curbs
all the cries for help?
I do.
I do; under one more sleepless sky
tonight, I see,
recoils destroy more at times;
than disasters themselves.

As my heart smirks at me,
I wonder
of all that's ephemeral,
why does faith hurt the most?


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Shikha 13 MAR AT 20:12


एक इंच सिंदूर की कीमत,
अट्ठाईस साल की परवरिश की
बलि चढ़ाकर नहीं दी जाती।



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Shikha 13 MAR AT 8:10

Some catastrophes are so serene;

they devastate you, and yet
leave you in awe of them.



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