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DisHa VeRma
11 JAN AT 23:10

2 souls
Separated by walls...
United by hearts...
Still lived together...

Everybody asked: How?

We are “Neighbours”, they replied...❤️



Anjali Singh
26 JUN AT 12:11

I hate those annoying people who are always very eager to know , what you are going to do next in your life...
I just wanna ask them..
Don't you have your own life??



Kushagra Verma
14 APR AT 10:09

Mom: (with an interrogating voice and I saw her with Sherlock's hat and coat) where were you?
Me: (drained in sweat just like a criminal when he is being confronted) friend's home!
Let me fill you in with some background details first:
I left home and said that I was going to study at my friends house but instead I went to the playground to play Hide n Seek and guess what my age is 16.

Mom: you are lying kiddo! judging by the marks on your right hand, your shoes and dust in your hair you were clearly not studying and seeing the sweat in your body you were probably in the playground..!
Me: (surprised and startled)OK! I was playing. So what. Everyone does. And please say the truth. how on earth did you get to know that I was playing and not studying otherwise I'll change the Netflix password..!
Then the premise for a huge debate was set and guess how it ended-
Mom: our neighbor's called and informed me that you were playing! And you know what go and do whatever you want😡!
Me :mom that is what I was doing "what ever I wanted to do..!"

Of course I didn't say the last statement out loud.
My existence could have been compromised..!


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20 SEP AT 1:07

बदनसीबी को अपना पता देकर आया हूँ
पड़ोसियों का दुख मुझसे देखा नहीं जाता


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Qudsiya Hashmi
18 JUN 2017 AT 21:33

Pakistanis on the screen
Because we bleed green 💞💞💞


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Jameel Jalaludeen
13 AUG AT 7:02

Let me tell you a story but before I do that, if you are someone who gets offended easily then this story is for you.

(Story in caption...)


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