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Joined 4 April 2019
Vaishnavi Vemula 23 HOURS AGO

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Vaishnavi Vemula 23 HOURS AGO

I followed studies
studies didn't follow back
So I unfollowed it


I'm I right or wrong..???😂🤣

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Vaishnavi Vemula 23 HOURS AGO

Something epic will only happen when you change your mindset & balence your standards according to your life


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Vaishnavi Vemula YESTERDAY AT 12:11

While you explore in your life & start to evolve you may loose many of your people ,don't apologize for that its normal keep on moving & only those who genuinely know you will be there with you till the end.


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Vaishnavi Vemula 24 MAY AT 0:01

What world thinks that's none of your business.
You should know that you are limitless to achieve everything you want.
It's not about that its going to be hard or easy but it's totally depends on our mindset,dont keep hurdles to your thoughts & dreams because of some negativities or circumstances.

Remember you are here to build your own EMPIRE, so it's not gonna be definitely easy you have to struggle but most importantly you have to learn to stick to your goal without any distractions in life.

You have the powers to control your mind & activities ,if you believe in yourself you will definitely lead one day....just BELIEVE in yourself.


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Vaishnavi Vemula 23 MAY AT 0:21

Ladkhiyo ko hamesha band kar rakho

Aur ese sochne walo ko taang kar rakho


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Vaishnavi Vemula 22 MAY AT 0:24

Aage Jo bhi hoga uska ab kuch dar nahi
Gujre hue waqt par ab pachtana nahi
Dardnaak raaste paar kie ab hum kaayar nahi
Vo ta Sirf ek bura kissa puri zindagi nahi


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Vaishnavi Vemula 21 MAY AT 0:30

An ideal person
always try
to raise his/her
level in physically,
emotionally &
day by day


Isn't it a fact ?
#yqbaba #my_thoughts #fact #reallife.

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Vaishnavi Vemula 19 MAY AT 19:05

Utal Putal hoke jab Sab murjha ta

Tab Pta nahi Khaha se ye raasta dikha ta

Bina Kalam haat me liye itna kuch likha ta

Har taraf se Sirf pyaar hi pyaar to mila ta

Yaha Hausla usse jada paaya jitna Socha ta

Ye ab Sirf ek zariya nahi zindagi ban Chuka ta.


Thank you all for 1k


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Vaishnavi Vemula 19 MAY AT 15:00

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