"What's your kinda music?..."

GENRE. You and I, we linger for similarities and synonymoms with one another, counting sands in our hourglass of insomnia. We both are hunting for flats or rather home to shelter our baggage. Our previous home lay in ruins. It was a flood of insecurities that wrecked it. "What's your kinda music?" You inquire as if you seek the terms of negotiation for the rent of our new home. I dig rock and you dig country. Well, it's a close call. We'll figure something out. Maybe split the bill? "Tea or coffee?" I ask with my fingers crossed. The aroma of Tea leaves had served as the room freshener in every home I have ever been in. I can never get over it. The hamlet I search for must carry it's essence. It's my guilty pleasure. You choose tea. Our future dates by our bed is already booked. "Long walks or cuddles?" You are being romantic now. It's 2 am, no wonder you are losing your senses into sentiments. Sure it's a tough call for me. I can see you building walls of comfort with me. I select cuddles. Cause you know, I am a certified sloth bear. Your smile compliments my taste. I am starting to cherish my new place. I just might bring my stuff with me here. And someday we both will burn down our love knitted cottage making ourselves homeless just like we used to be before we met one another. We will again wander into the streets with our luggage strolling in opposite drift. Meet another stranger on another night looking for shelter and ask, "What's your kinda music?" ~ Shikhar #yqbaba #yqtales #musings #yqdiaries #yqquotes #yqkick #love


ख़ुदा जानता है की एक तू है
जिसको हमने नींद में भी, भुलाया नहीं
और वहीं एक मैं हूँ 
जो हक़ीक़त में भी इक दफ़ा तुझे याद आया नहीं

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