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There is nothing more real than late night thoughts.

Rest in caption.

Sometimes late at night when you feel empty, maybe there's a part of you that feels trapped within the four walls of stark realism. A child inside that just doesn't seem to comprehend why the world is how it is. Let yourself free in those times! Go for a walk in the dark. Look up to the vastness of the sky and lose yourself. Grab a pen and piece of paper and pour your heart out. Plug in your headphones and let music join you in another world. Give a call to that friend you've missing lately or prepare an amazing dish to treat your tastebuds. Do something to express yourself. Or maybe do nothing at all. Feel the emptiness around...sometimes it heals you. #fifthquote #latenightthoughts #yqquotes #yqquotesdiary #feelings #musings #love

I want to make 
    my  Autumn  'spring ' ....

...and  winter away all my  'monsoons' .

#random#musings#seasons#life Lord !! ..May I ???