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Noceur Insomniac AN HOUR AGO

Broken, shattered, desperate
my identity is crumbled to pieces.
You dragged my soul, walking over it
with every breath, all hope of life ceases.
I fall and rise endless times,
clinging to tiny bits of this existence.
You kick, push, won't stay back
with every ripple increase the distance.
I am helpless, crying, begging,
my love for you makes me cringe.
It's just your distant remembrance,
to which my future hangs by a hinge.


shweta Yadav 2 HOURS AGO

मंज़िलों से मतलब है थोड़ा,
सफ़र से यारी मेरी ज़रा ज़्यादा है।
खेल हमसफ़र के होते हैं जानिब,
मंज़िल तो महज़ मामूली सा प्यादा है।।


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Amarjit Dhibar 2 HOURS AGO

এমন ভাবে সেজে আসিস যেন আবার তোর সাথে সেই আগের মতন প্রেমে পড়ে যায়...

(বাকিটা ক্যাপশনে পড়ুন)


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Kirti Sharma 3 HOURS AGO

Like the lover cannot set limits
to its feelings,
Like the person who is loved
can't resist himself in
taking love for granted,
same happens to the artist,
he too can't stop himself in making
his beloved, immortal, in no matter what way.


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Abhilasha Chandra 3 HOURS AGO

“You don’t need to go miles for me or bring me plants to make me feel loved. Everything is a lesser version of what I’ve ever felt and cared, come what may.”


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Ellie Arnold 3 HOURS AGO

In the battle between heart and mind emotions dictate the signals
our brain sends to our heart

yet our passions can block
our ability to think…

So which do you let win?


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Vimarsh Munsif 5 HOURS AGO

If little things don't matter to them, bigger things won't matter as well.


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Aditee Sharma 6 HOURS AGO

शिकायत और तो कुछ भी नहीं मेरी खुशियों से ,
बस इनकी बार बार रुठ जाने की आदत
अच्छी नहीं लगती।


Himanshu Shekhar 8 HOURS AGO

Waqt ki tanhaaiyon ko humne zara hisaab se baanta hai..
Gairmajoodgi aapki thi tabhi bade saleeke se kaata hai!!


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