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#moonlanding quotes

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Sagnik Banerjee 7 SEP AT 11:36

সাফল্য আজ নাই বা পেলাম, শিখলাম আজ অনেককিছু, আসব তবে ফিরে, আর কাছে থেকে নাহি যাব যে দূর।।


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Shachikanta Khuntia 20 JUL 2018 AT 11:29

"That's one small step for a man but one giant leap for mankind "
- Neil Armstrong
20th July 1969
Finally left Earth on
25th Aug 2012.


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Harshit Gupta 17 JUL 2017 AT 14:16

It was indeed one SMALL step for man and a HUGE leap for mankind.....as the couples' parents agreed and gave blessings for an intercaste marriage.


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Aditya Kumar Behera 13 SEP AT 16:30

देश की प्रगति में एक नया कदम,
वैगानिकों के दम को माने हम हरदम।
पहले मिसन् में ही किए धमाल,
अब वक़्त आ गया हे बने हम सभीयों का मिसाल।
अब वक़्त आ गया हे बराबरी होगी नासा की,
अब वक़्त आ गया हे करे सब अपनी बढ बढाई।


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Calm down forgetting pace,
We are best, with whom to race?
2.1 Km have to cross yet,
Let, Sivan decide the fate.
Still the orbiter working there,
We the Indians, always winner.
-- Nabab


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Bhaskar 20 JUL AT 2:19

All together, reached us to the moon.
It isn't just a step, it is a bravest achievement of humankind.


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Muthu Kavi 7 SEP AT 18:24

2.5 kms short
But still got 1.3 billion people closer than ever before.


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Sumit Mandhana 6 SEP AT 23:57

this was just a dream for INDIA to be a part of moon landing in sept 2018

this dream comes true for INDIA successfully landing on moon in sept 2019


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Deepak Dharwa 6 SEP AT 23:25

आज वो भी चांद पर होंगे जो कभी धरती पर थे..
उनका भी कोई ख्वाब होगा जो आज पुरा होने को है...

वो लहराएंगे तिरंगा आज उस चाँद पर...
ये वो ख्वाब है जो देखकर वो कभी सोये ना थे...


wise river 6 SEP AT 22:32

The atmosphere in the room was electric. Never had the institute gathered so much attention in its 50 years of existence. The moon landing is to happen in about 3 hours time. The chief scientist paced up and down. The prime minister was on his way. The pressure was mounting like a 1000 world cup cricket match played all at once. To his chagrin, there was nothing the entire team could do other than sit and watch like everyone else. All the landing is autonomous and no one can predict the terrain where the lander will ultimately land. Will the thrusters fire on time? Will the navigation happen to the precision desired. Will it land straight or a bit crooked?. No one knows at the time of this writing. Tune into one of the live feeds....😁


A fictious narrative....

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