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ईश्वर, तुमने देर कर दी

डबल टैप के उस पार,
भरे हुए टूटे दिलों पर
तुम्हारी दस्तक अभी,

ढलते दिन को दहलीज़
पर रोक लेने का नाटक
शुरु हुआ है बस अभी,

रिक्त घड़े में दिखती दरार,
घटना से कारण तक
पहुँच रहे हो बस अभी।

उबासी लेते दिन कैसे
गिड़गिड़ाते कवि बने
समझ रहे हो बस अभी।

बड़ा दिल कर रहा है
मेरी नज़र से तुम्हें देखने का।

ईश्वर तुमने देर कर दी।



Up my sleeves,
you will find 'nothing'
It's different when I say~
up my sleeves,
you will not find anything
Nothing is a thing.
Just like me wearing sleeves.
Non existent thing.
Up my sleeves, you will
find foolishness that
I thought you got me.



Panic is really a rhythmic thing you see,
Baton's tap on music table in hours wee.
Walks in being a pauper, would you agree?
Grey clouds shroud the blue skies of glee.

Time, ah fast it runs away, life's a grass's sway.
Dreams leave me forlorn, for a moment stay!
So many standing with better stories in the fray,
Masks won't fall off the tray, where's that day?



the subtle art of forgetting things.

the art of being forgetful.


appears as tea stains
left on the jodi of cup and plate
while the warmth
on your tongue writes
a couplet.


an unchanging diary you dive into
every night or a diary you don't wish
to open again because you fear.


which seems to be bitter when given as a draught in a classroom where there's a draught of understanding but becomes sweet when it appears as a potion making you forget every compromise you made to secure it throughout a portion of your life.


which takes a good bargain~
is much negotiated
but pleases much too.


I would be a feather in
my cap that wishes to fall,
the beautiful fakeness of a poet,
the wait of a stone for a traveller,
the slippers for feet,
the window for eyes
and yet, a face hidden
behind a book because
maybe someone once said
a face is a book that lets you
read much.


you have been around for a
very long time. So long
that I lose the power of
my memory. I learn you
unexpectedly, when the
power to let go and neglect
works upon me,
you tell me to reciprocate
the same. I grow with you
everyday. And a little
more vulnerable to lose
power too. You become
an insecurity slowly.


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