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Joined 26 March 2018
20 DEC 2020 AT 8:56

if only latibules in people could be easily found


19 DEC 2020 AT 23:01

Am I funny



19 DEC 2020 AT 16:16

sometimes just a
window is enough
to open your mind.
open the window.


19 DEC 2020 AT 12:56

which appears on the horizon
when an early morning dream
is broken. You don't realise
you've just absorbed another


19 DEC 2020 AT 12:44

which shines during
the day when the brave
don't see it, the timid
ones do. It takes courage
to face the day.


19 DEC 2020 AT 8:53

Darker shades


19 DEC 2020 AT 0:00

Tamarind and jaggery


18 DEC 2020 AT 23:59

The lullaby called
comfort doesn't
need a reason
to make eyes droopy.
Thus, it is dear.


18 DEC 2020 AT 22:47

And I wish to
look at the ring
before your face.
I wish to look
at things the way
you did once.


18 DEC 2020 AT 22:20

holding on to a
stray rhyme not
stinging but

I've it left~
suckling a poem
till it stinks.
I've to place it
away in the sky
but get pulled towards
it. Slowly a dim shine
takes over stars
called leftovers.
Some more bees come.


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