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Harsh Snehanshu
30 APR 2017 AT 5:57

If the world were two-dimensional
instead of round,
a coin
not a sphere that spins around,
you and me
would be on its two sides,
looking opposite, a difference of time.

While the sun might think of us
as two strangers
oblivious to the other's presence,
the coin knows
it's two lovers watching out
for one another,
hearts in line, yours in mine.


How we look to the universe. #mine #love #napowrimo


YourQuote Baba
29 APR 2017 AT 19:36

Dear Writers,

Our endeavour at YQ is to provide our writers with knowledge, network and opportunities to monetize their talent. Today, we bring one such opportunity.

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10 DEC 2017 AT 13:28

I love u in the way a girl loves a boy
I want to feed u in the way a sparrow feeds it's child
I want u in the way a baby needs it's mother
I want u in the way a god needs his bhakt
I want u in the way a ballon needs air
I want u in the way a sky needs sun and moon
I want u for the rest of my life...
Only urs.



Shrishti Sen
8 MAR AT 2:42

Don't stay by his side just because he is in need,
Stay by his side cause you are his strength.


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Akshay Khurana
30 APR 2017 AT 17:20

When I was doing Everything
to Protect its Shine.
Meanwhile i came to know,
Even This Moon is not Mine.



3 MAR AT 21:21

And, if you're mine;
Then, be mine--
Not everyone else's!



Arre! This is random! 😂

#mine #diwa #yqbaba


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