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Joined 3 January 2017
21 OCT AT 19:55

And the reality is: offers/sales/discounts are valid from "account having minimum balance" to "account has been credited with salary."


4 OCT AT 13:50

Privacy isn't something we hide, it's something we just keep for ourselves.


4 OCT AT 13:22

Be with someone who
appreciates your freedom,
believes in your individuality and
respect your views.


3 OCT AT 11:30

Life is not fair to anyone of us, it's just that how we deal with the people who and situations which come to us.


30 AUG AT 17:28

Distance yourself from those who make you feel self-love as selfishness.


25 AUG AT 10:37

People- How mature are you?

Me- I think about n no. of times
before sharing my Dairy Milk.


16 AUG AT 20:29

to the places
that once I travelled
with you.


9 JUL AT 17:03

What is love
if it doesn't make you
believe in love


9 JUL AT 11:19

swimming against the waves,
hard, but makes you strong and brave.


1 JUL AT 16:20

Pain for me perhaps are the moments I spend with you, without you.


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