Son:Mom I have many friends ,still I feel lonely at times......why is it so??

Mother:You know son ,the things we can't share with others makes us lonely even when in crowd.Perhaps you are having some secrets no one know, perhaps u have lied to someone and those lies have left you with loneliness.

#Lying is the root cause of being lonely

25 DEC 2017 AT 2:55

It's a lot harder to convince that you are sane than to convince that you are crazy.
-Jon Ronson

A prisoner in brodmoore prison deceivingly acted to be a psycho in order to get a better treatment in mental hospital and shorten his term. He later realized that this move to fake madness had turned the table against him and his stay at prison had to be extended due to his mental conditions. Worried and terrified ,he tries to convince everyone about his normalcy,but in vain. Later, he says these words to his friend Jon Ronson who was a renound criminologist durning one of his visits.Jon knew the truth.The prisoner reflected,lying always comes with a cost. #lying #truestory #prison #prisoner #latenightthought

24 DEC 2017 AT 3:09