They have decided to meet for a treat 
He planned for a musical brunch
He borrowed a bike from friends to take her to every place where she wants to go
He booked tickets for the newly released film at their favourite theatre
He's then prepared with a table for two and a romantic walk together
Finally , he was waiting for tomorrow with a  lot of surprises for the girl 

Next morning he received a msg saying "Not able to come sry" !!!!

And then , he could do nothing but just laughing at his own fate and crying for his position . The plus point from all of this -ve events is that the girl is has a fear to meet him cause if she meets she cannot control the love on him and want to show all of it . And that is which keeps the boy to be alive and wait for another glorious day to meet her Because he knows that she may fly to any distance but at last she'll get tired and will return to her own nest ! #Love_&_Pain #Even_pain_is_beautiful_cause_you_are_the_reason

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The reason behind your smile is "LOVE".


26 JAN AT 10:19

کون دیکھتا ہے کسی کو  اب سیر ت اخلاق کی  نظر سے 

صرف   خبصورتی کو پوجتے ہیں  نئے زمانے کے   لوگ


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