"Eyes Exquisite"
When the elfin eyes were raised,
My Adulation took an enticing bite.
My Heart was perished in the classy Moonlight,
I dissipated my heart in her first sight.
Some intricate dark magic did her eyes Exquisite,
I surrendered my Craving in an Obscure Plight.
I pleaded for my life from that callous Sight,
Such a magic did her eyes Exquisite.
I bet her eyes had some magic exquisite,
The one who encountered them, Pierced his heart with delight.



जो भी मिलता है तुम-सा ही नजर आता है,
पास आते ही मगर ख्वाब बिखर जाता है,,
वो हँसी लंम्हे जो उस पल थे ख्वाबो मे मेरी,,
अबतो नजरों मे मुर्दो सा नजर आता है।.....


27 OCT AT 6:18

Maan Liya Tu Bewafa Nahi,
Har Baar  Meri Tujhse Ye Siqayat 
Rahi ki, 
Kiya Tune kabhi Mere Saath 
Wafa Nahi, 
Ab Tuhi Bata O Mere Sanam,
Kaise Main Kahoon,
Tu Bewafa Nahi.!


22 OCT AT 2:02