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Joined 5 October 2017
18 SEP 2020 AT 2:24

In the world
Full of diversification
I still want more
People like me in
My life


8 JUN 2020 AT 13:58

I believe the best start
To the day is
Seeing your
Like the risen SUN


2 JUN 2020 AT 19:12

Goes alongside LOVE
If LOVE is not consistent
Then it is nothing
More than an
Empty word....


2 JUN 2020 AT 13:49

झूठी कसमो से लोग नहीं ,
अक्सर भरोसे मर जाया करते हैं।।


1 JUN 2020 AT 23:51

Let's go where...

All the chaos become harmony
The soul finds its tranquility
Love find its own way to blow
The heart bloom at its fullest
Where no doubt, Only trust exist
There is no space for negativity
Let's go Where
We can explore


1 JUN 2020 AT 12:37

Everyone is busy
In seeing other's evil
It's better that they
See themselves ,
And try to Improve
Their devil


31 MAY 2020 AT 12:41

One day...

She will surely
Come towards him
N express all hers
Unuttered feelings

Only then...

Of his heart will
Turns into CONCORD


28 MAY 2020 AT 13:06

The old snaps,The old Conversation
The former smiles,The former care
The vintage ME ,The vintage YOU
Everyone is Urging me to
Find US soon...
It seems lyk we are falling apart
Each breath tells me
To find Us
Untill it fades away forever.......


27 MAY 2020 AT 18:31

It's Amaze
People often quote the LOVE
Which break them
They never quote the LOVE
Which give them the reason
To believe in it.....


27 MAY 2020 AT 16:24

Self protrait

Wid Innocent heart
N gassy mind....


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