We need to talk...
Screen Locked, Gaze Blocked;
She winked, that's all!!!



Trivial things bothering already busy mind
Small misunderstandings breaking the  hearts of million
A futile attempt of joining the pieces of that heart back 
Meaningless clashes that end up as destruction of a bond 
Petty mistakes somewhere, locking success
A past blunder which hurts the present relationships
An attempt of revenge which ends up as murder
An indifferent passerby leading to the death of a thirsty beggar
A compulsory order which makes an innocent being commit suicide
Small sheet of false evidence that can lead to lifelong jail
Is not the worth of life less than a cent in the present day?
Truth sold in pieces of paper notes and lie a compulsion
Trust murders the innocent and the trusted reap the reward
Right is laughed upon by bullies & wrong, a steadfast rule
Change has become geeky & hating is a fashion
God and belief is outdated;Man as the greatest is honoured
Creator is defied and follower is rewarded 
Dignity and self-respect sold for material earning
The meaning of creation is lost in the world of self-interest
Life is dancing to the strings 
Held by Satan disguised as a true ruler
The world is moving to its beginning;
To the heartless WORLD OF HUNTER AND PREY.