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Mohammed Furqan
3 FEB AT 16:26

I was/am a jigsaw puzzle.
You broke me
So that I can be made again.

We all are a puzzle.

We all are
destined to get destroyed,
by someone
before someone,

just to make us
a solved puzzle again!

This someone could be someone not yet known.
This someone could be roaming near you yet unknown.
This someone could be someone reading this
known to others
yet to his/her own self -unknown!


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Embracing Life Blog
20 JAN AT 23:36

We two fit together
like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Yet our maker committed a flaw;
another piece fits with you too.



Shivam Gupta
31 MAR AT 21:59

I crave to be home now
because my heart aches
of all the loneliness.
In the crowd maybe,
I have lost myself
and now I know this though
that to return to yourself
is a long journey
and I am afraid to take that
journey now
because what if
I break into several other
pieces which are left of me,
which still remembers the address
of home, I want to be in.
Which can make me the way I was again
only If I do not loose the
pieces again?
What will I be then?
A jigsaw
which can not be completed ever
because the pieces
Are missing.
The YOU in them
is missing.



Shobhit Singh
23 MAY AT 19:53

I was searching for those lost pieces of 'me' then i borrowed some from my present...
And the jigsaw puzzle of my happiness is completed now..


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Subiya Hussain
18 SEP AT 15:19

We lock our hearts, chain our minds,
Try real hard to fit in.
Not realising that each one is
an interlocking piece of jigsaw puzzle.
We are meant to complete the world
With our individuality.


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Esha Mukherjee
26 FEB AT 1:21

Maybe the life is a big jigsaw puzzle
And God is like a little kid trying to put it together into the big picture?!

So don't be upset if he removes someone or something from your life; because the piece which just fits will be replaced by one which suits as well.


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Bhavesh Bhargava
17 FEB 2017 AT 1:23

Life breaks you,
leaves you with edges.

Love is all about breaking enough
to be her life's puzzle piece.


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Deepti Sharma
22 JUN AT 20:52

// Jigsaw //

Aren't we all a box of jigsaw puzzle,
Waiting for someone to pick us up,
fix us and complete us.


Never ask 'why me?', ask 'what next?'
#jigsaw #fix #complete #yqquotes


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