Ask yourself what do you need?
Is it pleasure, or is it peace?
Lay in bed, take a breath and think deep,
And while you do that, get some sleep.

Sometimes it's sleep that we sacrifice, sometimes it's all that we really need. #Insomnia


Those Nights-
Nights when darkness is your need,
Nights when tears turn your desire, 
Nights when your pillow turns your companion, 
And nights when least is left to aspire.

Peaceful sleep taking a turn to insomniac nights. Dreams giving a way to fragmented aspirations. #nights#insomnia#sadsoul#thoughts#occasionalwriters


For a broken soul, isn't insomnia like diving into a series of tequila shots? Each shot would reignite the dying embers of the fire inside. Feelings of being left, betrayed, lonely, all embroiled into a single gore mashup, playing in a never-ending loop.

The mind, a carnage of damaged and shattered memories, would run into its own unpredictable course. A raging billowing river, unsure of its destination. And the eyes? They would bleed, either to the heart's content or till the penultimate moment when tears would be born no more, yet scream like a silent berserker.

The ticking hands of the clock would don the role of the vocal tormentor. Each tick, like white hot flames of pain, penetrating and searing the soul. As each hour would come to pass, one would be reminded that there are more to come and the night is still young.

Sleep? Oh sure, it would come. But its arrival would be late, in the hours before dawn. It would sneak in like a terrified army, gingerly arriving after the battlefield has already been ravaged. Carefully, settling in and trying to make its shallow presence announced through weak snore.

And you thought it's great to be an insomniac? Think again!

The Dark Side Of Insomnia Sure I love being an insomniac. To me it's the best elixir of creativity. Then again, there are those days when insomnia becomes torture. The dark side of it being revealed. #snore #andyou #yqbaba #yqtales #insomnia

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