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when nails grow we cut nails
not fingures,Similarly when misunderstanding grow up
cut your ego not your


Artificial intelligence is the sole cause of relapse and maintenance of addiction.

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With the aim to globalize ourselves, to accept the world for greater benefits, to find the people like us we started to use Artificial intelligence(AI) . AI in other words is silent imitator, the more we use it, the more it learn about us. The moment when we become unaware of surrounding, the moment when we drown inside the ocean of fantasy, the moment when we can't control ourselves, the moment about what we don't know what we are doing, is the particular moment when it learn more about us. As our fantasy world and addiction are repetitive, so the more frequently we use AI for those, the more it learn about it. And at that moment AI access our unconscious mind. So the very next moment when we take decision to change our habit, fantasy, addiction and try to do something new, but we fall in trap of AI which will predict the all the frequent behavior of our before even we give command to do other things. During an addiction withdrawal we are in a stage of fatigue, where our relapse chances are more. So in that extremeness of fatigue we again fall into that trap... Only way to avoid this is to show no patterns during the use of AI as it is a pattern learning machine. #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #yqtales #humanbehaviour


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No offense to any country, state, religion, caste, Creed, sex . During the evolution, When human started to evade new places, some elite people thought only way to bypass the further evolution, is to Form a society. Only way to Form the society is by evading the natural human instinct that is survival, sex and aggression. So they put the relation, emotion, respect inside the human mind and use all these as sensors to check the violation inside the society. And after their death, other people stood up and told themselves as their followers and also implement those laws. With generation to generation laws of those persons passed and they no more remain as person, they become belief... Belief is such thing, where belief comes into play we stop using our brain. As generation passed by this belief grew to Form delusion which has no remedy, That a delusion is only compromised by another big delusion. So the statement which started as laws, now converted into religious books, and the person who started those now transformed into gods. And those who are fully delusional they call themselves Massagers and those who have only belief they told themselves followers. And we are dumb to follows those mentally disabled people as we are coward because we think if we raise finger against them, then God will harm us, this is so why, in deepest corner of mind we also think God might exist. So it's delusion and it's infective... #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #yqtales #humanbehaviour #god #believe #motivation