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when I had long hair


So ... Well... I don't have my hair now. It's short . Almost. Very short. 👨👦🙈 ------------------------------------------------------- When I had long hair, thick curls, dark brown, silky, soft, flowy hair. The showstopper, it was for me. I fostered it like my baby, some sun around whom my Instagram followers orbited. Bottles of shampoo I'd spill, for dreams to be a Rapunzel. "Don't bless me." by touching my head, "Don't pull them." by your nails. Wherever I went, people loved my hair. Bangs fell, covered my eyes. Covered my inner eyes too. Slowly, I was jealous of my own hair, a ponytail or in a bun I'd lock the curls, didn't comb for days, I felt heavy cause of my light airy hair. Like the curls, my jealousy curled the way up. I wished for shorter hair. People adored my locks, more than me then . It was enough when I recognized myself just in the name of my hair. I didn't love them , I wished they'd just fall off. The day before my birthday, I decided. With weapons like scissors and new razors, I started, the war against my own head and my mind. As I cut the curls, the bangs , the thick growth, I felt light. As air. As dreams. Just an inch was left , I stopped. I said "I really loved you" "Maybe lusted you". I shaved my whole head, with my own hands, strands of hair, crowding the washroom, my head was clean, pale, so my mind was. I let the warm water wash off all the sins, I could breathe. I could think. I faced the mirror, I saw my big eyes, cheeks which were pale pink, my head, which was shaved clean. I kissed the mirror, and said "You're you and free now". I smiled a genuine smile, I haven't felt for months. People hated me, for I was real. Agressively bold. I loved myself since then. ------------------------------------------------------ #yqbaba #yqtales #agnishikhasen #shave #head #clean #real #me