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#gun quotes

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Amol Gade 28 JUL 2018 AT 15:49

Key of your vehicle is not
less riskier than trigger of gun.
Be Careful and Drive Safely.


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Shrey Saxena 19 APR 2017 AT 21:36

A Little To Uncrush
Episode 9: That Letter

The letter that Kaaraa told Amisha to give to the villagers, had the following written on it.

Dear friend,

I'm Kaaraa, daughter-in~law of Mr. Suresh in house number 7. Knowingly-unknowingly I have caught up in trouble with Agravan, the goon leader. You may think of throwing away this letter but please read it and then the decision is yours.
Today, I'll be counting on you to help me out in whichever way possible after 4 PM as I'll be lodging a complaint against Agravan to town inspector. And I'm sure there will be an immediate reaction by Agravan so please be ready to help me out with whatever ammunition you have, even an iron rod would do.
Because I'll fight on my personal front without hesitation but, Kantakpura's victory will lie in your hands only. For they are about 30 and we're just three.

Help me in saving Kantakpura's future. If you're ready, wait for Amisha's message (Mr. Suresh's daughter).

Thank you

(Full episode in the caption)


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Shrey Saxena 19 APR 2017 AT 15:39

A Little To Uncrush
Episode 8: All Hands on Deck

"Tell your man not to shut the door, Agravan. It's your only door to life." Anger erupted on Kaaraa's face.

Agravan smiled and turned around, facing the door. "You see girl, there Nivaas shuts the door and that was the only door to your life, not mine. You have weak logic."

Kaaraa scoffed and quipped. "Like hell it is."

Puzzled Agravan turned around. But this time his face was expressionless. Kaaraa was holding a gun just centimeters away from Agravan's face, the gun that came from the bag Amisha showed in the car. It took everyone in the room, few by surprise, others by shock. "It's loaded. Was there a smile on your face a few minutes ago?" Kaaraa was angry.

*Gunshots* Latika and Amisha shot Nivaas and Nilgiri on their shoulders as soon as Kaaraa held the gun on Agravan. As the two men lost their guns and fell down, Latika kicked both away. It happened so quickly that Agravan couldn't gather anything. But now he was furious. "You're closing in on your death Kaaraa and I swear it'll be painful. I'll make it painful."

(Full episode in the caption)


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Fact Hub 7 APR AT 12:17

Do you know?

You can Fire a Gun in Space

Modern firearm ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical which triggers the explosion of gunpowder that fires a bullet.

This means that the oxygen-free vacuum of space wouldn’t stop a gun from firing, as no atmospheric oxygen is required.


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Shan Muazzam 25 DEC 2017 AT 13:37

There is so much cold
that anyone can
robbed by showing
a water gun.


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Emma Muhlenkamp 16 OCT 2017 AT 6:51

I swear to God
If you threaten to shoot the gun
One more time
As a control tactic
In your sadistic little game

I'll pull the trigger myself


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Shrey Saxena 27 JUL 2018 AT 1:02

What do you wish should be your last view of the world?

"Anything through the viewfinder of my gun." Thumped the soldier.


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©Fathima Shamla 19 MAR AT 10:03

Why are you so
scared to love me?
Does my heart
look like a gun to you?


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Live_ur_lyf_ in_ur_own_way 25 AUG 2018 AT 23:49

From somewhere learning to make gun with handkerchief and then playing with toy gun now he really wishes the real gun either to shoot people or himself....


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Varun Pande 4 JUN 2018 AT 18:28

a piece of art
to end another


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