Your own thoughts,makes you less loved, try to be a part of love,and not keep asking to be loved

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10 JAN AT 15:51

He wore his black too thick
For my belief in grey to sustain.
A fake smile plastered on my face,
While the white in me was getting beaten.
Business was the act we had agreed on.
Business was the play that must go on.
But what if I had a chance to leave?

Coward you may call me,
Failure you may name me,
But I would have left. 
Because above it all
I am a human,
Caring for my own self,
Fighting the world
For a better health.

Sometimes we meet difficult people in life. We meet them everywhere- at work, at home, even at market places. Often we make it hard for ourselves by choosing to stay, choosing to endure in the hope of winning someday. But for how long? What would we do of a success if it leaves us too beaten to smile again? #blackwhite #grey #yqbaba #yopowrimo #boostthyself

10 JAN AT 11:00