"Blooming" this pencils are named "Booming pencils"😊, this fellows use to be our masti_mates, we used them in our notebooks, used to strengthen our teeth😝😂😁,used to nudge the bums of fellows😂😎😋,etc.🌿 Now,.....this time this pencils gonna give us an opportunity to become boon for the Nature.🌿 As amount of Carbon is increasing day by day many national and international organisations have initiated this 🌱#GREEN(R)EVOLUTION🌿 And spread the knowledge for the betterment of country and world. . . . This green capsules you are looking at, are capsules of #beej. 🌱 Yess, my dear friends this are beej of different plants like #tulsi #cumin #carom #tomato #zeera and many more.🌱 You can use this pencils before and after using it or when it comes to finish, we have to saw those seeds....🌿🌾 We may see Blooming life surrounding us...!!🍀 "HOPE FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION 😊" for more information call me anytime.🌿🌱🌲🌴🌳🍁🍀😊 #initiation #dm

19 JUL AT 20:34