When you start hiding something from your ones..you will soon realize the gaps between both of you..the silence took place more than laughter's sound.. just share because the one's who accept you with your all ups and downs of life is the only one who loves you from the bottom of heart.


5 JAN AT 12:56

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And when my blemishes Lie naked, Under the starlit night All I do is Look at the floor, To find your traces. Instead, I am Gazed back by my own Reflection. My reflection. My duality. Me. Damn me. Wanted to embrace you In the warmth of my sleeves And to melt you in the love That I had stitched. To facsimile, Your ice cold silhouette Into the warm river in me. I held you close, so close That our breaths Escaping from our mouths Turned into clouds, And our heart beats Synced. Perhaps I gripped You, Tight. So tight. That The ice cold silhouette of yours Didn't merge into the warm river in me. Rather broke down into pieces Like a stone wall And slipped through my arms Noiselessly. Through the gaps of my fingers Through the crevices of my waist You. slipped. Noiselessly. Me. Damn me. Didn't realise, That you. Dear you. Either melted. Or broken. Would have slipped; Through the gaps in me. And all I do is, Find your traces in me. Gazed back by my reflection. Gazed back by you. My reflection. My duality. My reality. _____________________________________________________________ You were like a rising storm, and I, a mere sky; which like the ozone, had holes. And you slipped. Beyond Darkness, Ahmad this is on your continuous poke buddy! Thanks for this continuous support, and it's because of that, the writer in me scratches it's wounds, and bleeds through his pen. #yqbaba #reflection #reality #you #gaps

2 JAN AT 14:23

Sometimes you fit in..
..to fill in the voids !


12 DEC 2017 AT 19:48

When she needed him the most he was not there then how can he expect the same from her but she was there for him as always.
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Her exams were on her head , she had to study hard, she thought he will support him when she will need him but he was busy in his own life. He gave her time but when he was free and she took out time from her busy schedule. There is a difference between the two terms. It's all about priorities because no one is busy if they want to talk to you they will cope up with you. All this created communication gap and this resulted in fights . Those long conversations became short those unending phone calls resulted in no phone calls. All this finally resulted in distance between them. #fights #gaps #yqbaba #yqdidi #yourquote

8 DEC 2017 AT 10:02