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Years ago, he had promised to give me flowers.
We never met in so many years but talked.
Talked a lot like those 3am chats you say.
We were never in love but we weren't out of it too !
Engrossed with others around, didn't realize when we lost touch.
We never understood that what was between us.
Or if there really was something or not.
Years later, a text from an unknown number lit up my face.
It was him telling me how good we together were.
Next day, flowers came up to me in my downloads.
Never ever had flowers seemed so beautiful to me .
The fragrance filled around the corners of my heart.
I sent flowers to him too out of reciprocation.
The flowers he sent  blossomed on the display of my phone.
They blossomed with the breeze of some new hopes.
And the spring arrived.
Like in those blooming flowers.
Likewise between us !

#blossom#flowers#him#oldlovereturns#love#fragrance#yqbaba#yourquote# 🌻Bcoz sometimes u don't really know that was love until it knocks your door an another time.. Some friendships are love for sure.. U need to let them grow in love!! Without fears. 🌻