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#flowers quotes

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Aishwarya Swarup 7 AUG 2017 AT 20:52

In the gap between
my bed and the wall,
your name slipped down
from my hand one night.

Difficult to be pulled up,
it crept deep in the gap
hiding from
my regular dusting,
my irregular shower
of cute nick names,
flying away by the gushes of air.

The day I leave this home,
I might hold a flower in that same hand
filling the void that your name gave.
I might not be looking for you anymore,
I'll be only smelling a flower,
whose memory will easily fade away.


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Aishwarya Swarup 16 JUL 2017 AT 20:33

everyday I go to sleep
flowers grow on me
like they grow on graves,
sensing death bit by bit

midway in my dreams
I wake up to pull them away
maybe I still see life in everyday
I'm too fertile,
like the cracked open soil
eaten by worms
qualified to become a good flowerbed
with tinge of salt and warmth

what when one of these days
I sleep with no feeling of grief
and lie down welcoming
the smell of poppies and lillies?

everyday I go to sleep
flowers grow on me


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Mohit Gummanwala 25 MAR 2018 AT 11:05

वो फूल नहीं...
🌸फूलों की टोकरी थी...
वो सचमुच...👌😘
कमाल की छोकरी थी...


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Shivangi Shankar 30 DEC 2018 AT 14:41


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Amit Narayan Satpathy 2 JAN AT 8:54

Some flowers bloom only in winter..
(In caption)


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And we gotta water a flowering plant in order to breathe in the aroma in return.


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Shruti gupta 17 JUN 2018 AT 13:31

Made by me..💞💞


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Bibhuti 7 APR AT 22:37

I imagine your face
and see flowers coming out
of nothingness;
Camouflaging all my unsaid words
and making me realize waiting for
you is itself a realization that I seek
in "US".


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