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28 FEB AT 23:12

I don't really hate rains,
Just afraid of being drenched alone
Having lost my fireplace, in you.


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Saurabh Bhardwaj
19 JAN AT 14:35

इस सर्द मौसम में छत पर ऐसा लगता है,
कि धूप बन कर तू मुझे बेसाख्ता चूम रही है।
और रूह ओ बदन दोनों को गर्म कर रही है।


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Ayushee Ghoshal
13 FEB 2017 AT 10:05

Perhaps, love and memories are the blanket of cold winter nights.
A reminder in midst of the pretense of indifference that you are not dead on the inside.
It's insanity and the string of sanity that reassures us, often baffles us that we are capable of something real. That even we can emanate the warmth of a fireplace.
It is the mellow Sun Ray falling on our heart,  bringing us relief from the winter of the billion broken pieces of our hearts.
-4 AM Conversations


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Saumya Lakshman
19 DEC 2017 AT 21:52

I shall keep knitting the sweater -
by this cold little fireplace.

All of existence shall take birth and perish,
and the hearth shall, one day, burn its own ashes.
Then, the ashes, like sacred ghee,
shall rekindle the fading fire,
and another generation shall emerge.
And perish to emerge again.
And again and again and again.

But me; I'm the eternal knitter.
A knitter of warmth, of fury, of passion.
You will throw trash at me,
and I shall turn them into yarn,
and knit.
And knit and knit and knit
every particle of dust and grit
that you throw at me, oh my human -
for I withstand more than you'd ever admit.

And then, one day, when you throw me into fire,
you'll realize, I'm already there...
I've always been burning
and churning in the flames...
I knit those flames.
I am the flames.
I am your sweater.
And I'm your earth,
the hearth to your fury.


#sweater #yqbaba #fireplace #human
Image source: Pinterest


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