After all this while 
Throwing stones
At myself 
In still water ,
I now drown
As I try
To strangle 
my own image 

Because I smudge
Everytime I try to catch
The infinite reflections 
You cast
As you stroll 
Between two mirrors 
Of heart and mind.

Elsewhen ,my dear
Betwixt Beehive,Boulder
Bared Beethoven Battered?

#NaPoWriMo #Elsewhen #mirror #reflection #YQBaba #TheBrightestScar. Read my poems on this hashtag There is a dimension warped in bends of time and space ,where people die and artists bleed.Are you there,my dear?waiting for me? Open challenge from the wall of Maha Devan .Nice one.Please feel free to participate.Check his wall and #Elsewhen for amazing works including his as well

19 APR AT 17:21