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Joined 20 October 2016
Sara Jothi 22 JUL AT 12:35

Growing up...

//My Mom's handbag smelt like


Sara Jothi 20 JUL AT 10:58

You know what!
while I waited
for my wings
that you broke
to heal,
I also
tended to my nails.
Hence, next time
if ever,
against me
any man would have a fight,
not a win.


Sara Jothi 3 JUL AT 12:16

To pursue a passion, a dream is a luxury.

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Sara Jothi 27 JUN AT 18:41

You and I
is difficult to write on.

Because how would you?
just how would you pick words
that separate, say it right?

that inbetween in balance

Of my neck
the choke hold,
and touch sweep of your thumb.

that inbetween exchange in acceptance

Of your knees
the crawl,
and my kiss.

//On your knees, NOW!


Sara Jothi 23 MAY AT 15:42

"Why? Why are you telling me this?"

My fingers hover over my keyboard for a few seconds.
I can almost feel his eyes on his mobile screen as if they are on my face.
We're in a trance.

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Sara Jothi 20 MAY AT 10:17

It's one of those nights
I constantly surround myself with noises to distract
and still, my mind,
like the stubborn brat it is, stays conveniently blank.
Pin drop silent!

It's one of those nights,
I'm toe to toe with myself,
and there runs a challenge on
who blinks first.
And be it me or my mind,
doesn't matter.

It's always it that wins,
and I, I cry to sleep.

For, it's with the first drop of tear
does the choke hold release, always!
and my pained moan is what with
the silence finally cease.


Sara Jothi 15 MAY AT 14:39



Sara Jothi 11 APR AT 2:03

Whenever I hit play
to the last episode of a series I love
I'd hold off skipping the title track.
Because it's a last time,
a last sing along,
an once again just one more time.

The last time you called me
I picked it up at the last possible moment.
Letting your ringtone bounce off my walls,
not moving my hand an inch closer
to the phone that wasn't actually afar.

And you bit your tongue, I knew.
To not spin it like always.
To keep your voice in check.
To not beg off for another chance.
I knew.

Because it's a habit of mine
a last sing along,
a non dramatic but a goodbye, very sure.
And you knew!

You knew.


Sara Jothi 9 APR AT 17:53

Could be because
it makes everything a shade darker is why
rain remains a favorite.


Sara Jothi 22 MAR AT 23:14

It's cruel!

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