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Joined 20 October 2016
13 JAN AT 9:43

Books and people happen to you.
And when they do, let them.


4 NOV 2020 AT 14:54

If love was linear,
people wouldn't be this twisted in general.
And life,
life worth anything at all.


29 OCT 2020 AT 10:13



5 OCT 2020 AT 14:54

I want to do life with you!

This, that and everything.
The blurry, bizarre and clear waters.
The ugly, pretty, horrible and elegant.
Through the sky, hell, heaven,
rock bottom and back.
Here, now, forward, beyond
and then, in other lifetime
all over once again - I want to be your one,
I want to do life with you.


23 SEP 2020 AT 12:31

Choice - Short story


18 SEP 2020 AT 22:54

And I increase the volume some more
to the song I didn't choose
nor know the name of.
Perhaps a bar or two higher
then it might, just might!
fade out your voice
long enough for me to sleep tonight.


14 SEP 2020 AT 9:42

Let me in!

Because I'm that girl
who'd twirl around in your room,
would pick something blue,
and smile up at you
while you stand there nervously
amidst your chaos, awaiting judgement.

Because I'm that girl
who can't see the mess and person apart,
who'd twirl around and take it all in, still,
would know how to pick life, and you
out of it
to hold, and smile.

So honey, try!
let me in.

// I'm that girl - Part 13


22 JUL 2020 AT 12:35

Growing up...

//My Mom's handbag smelt like


20 JUL 2020 AT 10:58

You know what!
while I waited
for my wings
that you broke
to heal,
I also
tended to my nails.
Hence, next time
if ever,
against me
any man would have a fight,
not a win.


3 JUL 2020 AT 12:16

To pursue a passion, a dream is a luxury.

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