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Munish K Attri 12 NOV 2017 AT 17:37

वो ज़िस्म का भुखा मोहब्बत के लिबास में मिला था
पहचानती कैसे उसे चेहरे पर चेहरा लगा कर मिला था
❤💕(💕Read full in Caption💕)💕❤
...............वो आखरी वार मुझे बिस्तर पर मिला था


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Amandeep Singh 6 NOV 2018 AT 19:03


Mai ghar baitha ek akele kamre me dunia saari jeetna chahta hu,
Chirag uthakar aasmaan se mai zameen par sitare banata hu,
Jab dunia saari bijli wale jugnuo se jagmagati hai,
Mai ghar baitha umeed ki lau par mitti ke diye jalata hu.


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Ronak Kalal 7 NOV 2018 AT 9:43

जल के भी कितनी राहत
मिलती है पता चले ।
ख़ुदा मुझे किसी गरीब के
घर का चूल्हा बना दे।।


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Abhishek 19 OCT 2017 AT 22:46

At 18,
Left home to struggle and become an actor.

At 28,
Returned home on Diwali, light from Diyas
felt better than any spotlight.


• Happy Diwali • ❤️
#yqbaba #diwali #light #microtale #home

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Mitali Bhasin 19 OCT 2017 AT 21:06

This Diwali,
let's hope, our Sitas
will need no saving

(Read poem in caption)


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Jatin Aswal 19 OCT 2017 AT 8:03

Before joining YourQuote, I was surrounded by darkness.
But the kind of love I received on YQ, all that darkness has now been converted into light and positivity.
The best people in your life come unexpectedly and that's what all YQtians are to me. Thanks a lot for all the love and positivity.

Spread love. Spread happiness. Stay blessed.
Happy Diwali.
Cheers !


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Sumit Pareek 19 OCT 2017 AT 13:17

"Kya laaya mere liye Diwali pe?"
She always used to ask.

Was in college, basically no income, so I used to look down and say:
''kuch nahi maa, khali haath aya hu".

She used to smile at me and say:
"Khali haath kaha, ye gandey kapdo ka bag hai naa, mere liye ye bhi gift hai".

And yesterday, I came back to my rented flat full of happiness with a 'Diwali Bonus Cheque', showed it to maa on video call and said:
"Maa tere liye".

"Mere liye wo gandey kapdo ka bag he le aata, par beta Diwali pe tu ghar toh aa jata".
She said.


Take me home. Major missing.


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Aditi B 12 NOV 2018 AT 23:27

diya in one hand
you in other
I couldn't tell
how darkness
turned into


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Parth Bishnöi 7 NOV 2018 AT 11:56



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Sisira Sivaraj 7 NOV 2018 AT 9:02

Brighten up the sweet home;
Let the Diyas spread
textures of light!
Let's stop burning crackers;
As an ideal human,
Let's be responsible,
As a caring & loving creature
Let's Close our eyes
for a while..
Join the hands ..
& Breath in the fresh aura,
To Enlighten the Soul
& bury the char!


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