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YourQuote Baba
25 AUG 2017 AT 18:54

Dear Writers,

1. The word of the day is DISTANCE. Use it in a story or a poem or a one-liner and pen something that breaks barriers of distance between people.

2. Vegetable challenge: Write a funny conversation between two vegetables.


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Harsh Snehanshu
26 AUG 2017 AT 2:52

In Bengaluru,
distance is measured
in kilometers. They say,
six kilometers away.

In Mumbai,
distance is measured
in hours. They say,
two hours away.

In the place called now,
(which is where we both live)
distance is measured
in words left unsaid.
We say, go away.


How We Measure Distance. #Distance


6 AUG 2017 AT 14:42

Survived through
ego and distance.
Yet somehow,
one unexpected
love letter
b r o k e me.

// Friendship band


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Nisha Makwana
13 MAY AT 20:33

किसी से दुरियां इतनी भी ना बढ़ाओ के जब पीछे मुड़ के देख़ो तो वापस जानें का रास्ता ही नज़र ना आए।



Shalaka Kulkarni
17 AUG AT 10:24

What if I tell you,
I turn cheesy
And cheeky,
Tag you in 5-10 memes,
All day -
For those 24 muscles
To stretch and fetch
A wide smile
On your stupid face
Because I know
No other way,
And may be that's all
I can do
Being 9000 miles away.



Cipun Mishra
11 OCT 2017 AT 20:41

When you catch your last train
to return home,
you would question your address.
You would try to remember prayers
with the sunset and sunrise,
but amidst farewell faces,
your chest would explode
into a thousand bouquets
trapped in a hundred words.


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