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I write. Rest of the times, I'm wrong.
Also, a dialogue in the digital world.
Joined 28 August 2016

I write. Rest of the times, I'm wrong.
Also, a dialogue in the digital world.
Joined 28 August 2016
Shalaka Kulkarni 17 FEB AT 10:07

Roll Number 66425

आज काफी अरसों बाद
एक पुरानी
जीर्ण शीर्ण किताब मिली
जिसमे क्रॉस डॉट डॉट क्रॉस सहित
मेरे बचपन की यादें थी जुडी ।


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Shalaka Kulkarni 9 FEB AT 22:49

As the tides hit the rocky shoreline, conquering the calm sand
Fascinated I, I stand and gaze from the magnificent promenade -
In trance, in love with the ecstatic marine shade!


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Shalaka Kulkarni 13 JAN AT 8:30

To err is human, to correct it is Grammar Nazi.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 5 JAN AT 23:15

Barking dogs seldom write.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 23 DEC 2018 AT 2:30

It's a swirl,
The life, the time,
The lifetime.

From January jitters,
To December dreams
From January jeopardies,
To December disasters.

Or all permutations of them,
And we in between.

And standing still,
Living in the moment,
Because there's nowhere to go

And biting nails,
Watching a spectacle,
Or a mystery
Like a TV show.

And the flux is
We don't know,
We don't know,
How far we have come
And then,
We think we know
How far,
We have to go.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 28 OCT 2018 AT 20:21

I wrote my personal experience battling depression.

"Strict 5 Don'ts you should follow while talking to a person experiencing Depression."

Read the piece in caption.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 25 OCT 2018 AT 20:32

You and I,
Like red and blue,
Passion and warmth
Loyalty and faith,
A melange,
For us to be,
Held high,
You and I.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 5 OCT 2018 AT 17:12

~ Kingdom ~

Where the raindrops will love to jump in my dimples and the rainbow will be my tiara,
Where there will be breeze playing with my hair and you will help me put them behind my ear,
Where we would forget the city chaos and sit and gaze at the stellar sky over a hammock,
Where there will be backpacks of unmatched adrenaline and stories of beaches and adventure,
Where there will be satin sonatas, violins, and guitars but your voice will be my favorite symphony,
Where the words would be camouflaging butterflies and the river of violet ink would flow,
Where we would have fancy lights and happy vibes and coffee and books and conversations to grow,
Where I’ll see this poem fetching a smile, right there in your eyes,
I will, I will build a Kingdom there.


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Shalaka Kulkarni 26 SEP 2018 AT 1:33

You and I,
Like the sunrays
And the sky-
A pallette of
The universe,
To paint ours,
With the visual dye!


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Shalaka Kulkarni 14 SEP 2018 AT 14:14

~ Charmolypi ~

Manju was born in Shivmoga, Karnataka. This wanderer moved to Bangalore, at the age of 16, in search of job prospects.

(Read the full piece in caption.)


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