I'm fighting for decades....
Though it's just a losing battle.

#YQbaba #fight #battle #decade Though I know, i won't win even after I tried for million times. I can't give up... my love can't give up...

16 JUL AT 19:58

The world knows about my love for you
It may be insane but pure n true
Adoring you for 10 long years
Love void of fears and tears
Giving only reasons to smile
Since the beginning of the time
You are finally married man
Making happier this little fan
How much doting and caring you are
Have loved you beyond age n scars
You may change , I may grow
But this love won't even to and fro

Hero I've loved #FOREVER #shahid #decade *ye shiddat wala pyar hai Jha pane ki arzoo nai Bas milne ki justju hai* 💓

10 JUL AT 14:42