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Joined 8 September 2017
Dos Corazone 24 JAN AT 22:04

You're that lone tree
I found amidst
a heavy downpour.
My half-drench body
found solace under
your profound branches.
At all my battles,
you adorn my fist
like a sword,
ever-ready to sever
the heads of the mutiny!
But on some sad
and tiring days,
you come as a
soothing night with
handful of dreams to dream.
You're the glimpse
of smile under
the errant melancholy.


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Dos Corazone 19 JAN AT 15:12

There cannot be any test that can limit your ability.


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Dos Corazone 25 DEC 2019 AT 18:49

আমি তখন সন্ধ্যে বেলায় একটুখানি মনখারাপে,
তোমার কথাই ভাবছি বসে, নরম আলোর আবছায়াতে।
ক্ষণিক তরে পেলাম যদি, ভালোবাসার আগুন ছোঁয়া,
তবুও হৃদয় বয়ে বেড়ায় অলীক বেদন, দগ্ধ হিয়া।


Dos Corazone 15 DEC 2019 AT 8:12

those buried thoughts that stay still in broad daylight but show up with gnashing teeth during the wee hours of night when we become busy in finding ourselves.


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Dos Corazone 17 NOV 2019 AT 9:47

The train hardly left the station that you realised your heart left too.


Dos Corazone 17 NOV 2019 AT 9:30

a figment of thoughts, that roam around the head but can't really get hold of it.


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Dos Corazone 9 NOV 2019 AT 18:02

spending time as the hands of a clock.
Without the second hand moving, the minute hand would refuse to walk and in turn the hour won't walk as well!


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Dos Corazone 8 NOV 2019 AT 0:06

অন্ধকারকে ভালোবেসে, আমি আলোকসন্ধানী হবো।
চাঁদের হাসি কি পাবো?
নাকি রবির কিরণে মূর্ছা যাবো?


Dos Corazone 24 OCT 2019 AT 8:34

When love builds a
nest in your
heart, it stays
that way forever.


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Dos Corazone 16 OCT 2019 AT 22:01

we pay heed to the existence of the Moon.
That's the human nature.


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