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#daughter quotes

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Khushi Bhargava 22 NOV 2017 AT 0:03

पिता वो है
जो बेटी के पैदा होने पर सबको मिठाई खिलाता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी को कंधे पर बिठा दुनिया के मेले दिखाता है
पिता वो है
जो होमवर्क पूरा ना होने पर किताब के कठिन से कठिन चित्र बनवाता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी को रात को आने में देर हो जाए और फोन बंद आए तो घबराता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी के लिए उम्र भर की कमाई खुशी से खर्च कर जाता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी की विदाई पर सबसे ज़्यादा आँखें भिगाता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी की शादी के बाद अपनी ही बेटी के घर जाने में कतराता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी के बचपन के फोटो देख यादों के समंदर में खो जाता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी को संसार में सबसे ज़्यादा चाहता है
पिता वो है
जो बेटी के लिए भगवान के रूप में धरती पर आता है


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Ashutosh Mishra 7 APR 2017 AT 12:16

बेटियों को तो कोख में मरवाते हो,
क्या खुद किसी बेटे की कोख से आते हो.?


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Santosh 5 APR 2018 AT 22:07

मेरी प्यारी बेटी
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Iman Das 2 AUG 2017 AT 20:53

Tanvi Mor 25 MAR AT 13:40

He will remit me from every mistake
And help me to be raised,
He will be there to see my prosperity
Even when he is ruined;
I am assuredly adored that my every breath is for him.

Even after his departure from this Earth
My unconditional love for him,
Will Endure;
He says that I made him unique and exclusive,
As I call him Dad💞.


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Dharmendra Katiyar 21 OCT 2017 AT 21:00

God have chosen you to make this world a better place- Doctor said.

Yes! You are blessed with a future mother.

Give her the life,
which you have always dreamt of.


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Mariah De Rossi 3 DEC 2018 AT 10:10

I think I know now,
what keeps a mother awake
all night
just to watch her child sleep
I felt it last night,
when I stayed awake just to
see my mother breathe without

//Love isn't always a cage,I realised.
Selfless love can set you free.//


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Rishita 24 JAN AT 21:43

Who have made it till here.
It is a feat,
As much as it is a fight.
I know it is not easy.
I know everyday is a harrowing battle.
And there are days when your eyes open to just darkness.
You search your pockets for a sunflower
Or a saved piece of sunlight.
But all you find is a mouthful of emptiness.
On these days
Tell yourself...


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Sonali Singh 3 DEC 2017 AT 21:56

Then the movie 'Pk'

Now, 'Padmavati'....

फिल्मों को बेन करवाने के लिए शहर जलाने वालों...
रेप जैसे संगीन अपराधों में...


कैंडल मार्च ही क्यों करते हो...???


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Swati Rohit Gupta 8 FEB AT 19:09

I want a sweet nap,
In your lap.
Mom, where are you,
Please call me back.
I can still hear my
screams in my head,
If given a chance
I would have fled.
I can still feel
pricks given by the thorns!
Those people were like,
Monsters with the horns.
Mom, i could not understand
What was my mistake?
Before my demise...
I was cutting the cake!
I want a sweet nap,
In your lap.
Mom, where are you,
Please call me back.


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