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Arunima Gupta
26 MAY 2017 AT 18:24

Mama, we don't shine in the day
Because our radium hearts
Can only glow in the dark.

(Full poem in the caption)


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shraddha pawar
19 APR 2017 AT 12:10

"It's startling how shadows can tell stories",
once you said to me nonchalantly.

Maybe that is why
I do not let the light in anymore.


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Simran Arora
31 JUL 2017 AT 21:24

Return my shine
That you borrowed once,
Else I shall drag
You into my darkness


Revenge not-so-good.

#yqbaba #shine #revenge #dark


YourQuote Baba
1 JUL AT 20:10

Hello Dear Writers,

For the 1st challenge here's a word you can use in your next piece: Dark

For the 2nd challenge write a letter to a doctor.


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YourQuote Baba
13 JUL 2017 AT 19:54

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day is DARK. Use it in your story or poem or one-liner and spill out your dark secrets.

2. Describe your first school memory. Send those to your school friends from those years.


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Harsh Snehanshu
14 JUL 2017 AT 0:25

Dark is not
when I shut my eyes.
Dark is when I stare into yours,
and I see the end,
lurking, waiting
for the opportune moment
to call it off, to call us off.

Dark is
when you don't say a thing,
and I hear everything.


Dark poem. #dark


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