About the *not so talked about*, DAD. 
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Working 24/7 just to make us smile, With the same zeal from the first till the last file. Entering home tired and yet agreeing to take us out, He is the best dad ever ,without any doubt. He deserves more love than what I give, I know I do wrong to you dad, but please forgive. Telling how much I love him is still a mountain to be trekked, But on cold breezy nights,'did I have my blanket?' is what he daily checked. Years passed and it all made his body shrink, It feels as if this all happened in a blink. Seeing him grow old makes me weak, The bond I share with him , is just so unique. He has always been the best man for me, It was him because of whom I could set my wings free. - Tanya Joshi. #dad #daddysgirl #heistherealman #manofsteel


When a girl asks  a man for something and he denies.. then she realises that           "She is married and the man is      
 not her father"

For all #dad's little girls#