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sakshi tiwari 12 DEC AT 15:52

नजर बदल दो तो नजारे बदल जाते है
कशती बदल तो साहिल बदल जाते हैं
इतना भी न हो तो साहब
नजरिया बदल कर देखिए ....
सच कहती हूँ ' इंसान' बदल जाते हैं।

- साक्षी


Astuti Dwivedi 10 NOV AT 23:26

कई बार गलती आपकी नहीं होती
बल्कि लोगों की चाहत उनकी जरूरतें कुछ बदल सी जाती हैं ।


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Heena Fayaz 10 SEP AT 19:54

I am the mountain,huge and magnanimous.
Touching the ethereal heights.
And I the speck of dust,yearning for existence.
I am the tree withstanding all storms
And I the grass,wielded by strong winds.
I am the falcon that traverses vast skies.
And I the bird with broken wings.
I am the river surpassing all the obstacles.
And I the sea,deep and silent.
I am the stone,cold and hard.
And I the clod,trodden and trampled.
I am the butterfly draped in Nature's hues
And I the oyster with a saga of pain.
I am the flower of springtime
And I the withered leaf of the fall.


Daisy Jennifer 30 AUG AT 15:07

Lips : I'm okayyyy
Eyes : I'm not
Heart : Hold on
Mind : Move on
Day light : Wow.. U r Happy...
Moon light : Aww... U pretend so well..!


We all pretend... At some point itvbcms our habit....! #contradictions #yqbaba

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Antenet Blessy 27 JUN AT 19:16

Incredible and Incredulous
goes with a minor variation.
If I think of you positively perfect
You are incredible!
And if the same you, become
tragically tremendous
I become incredulous..


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