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Sagnika Roy Choudhury
8 JAN AT 20:49

On cold nights like these, I miss you even more.

You are not here to help me finish that big steaming bowl of chicken soup.

You are not here for me to put my cold hand inside the big pocket of your overcoat.

You are not here to wrap your arms around me while I rubbed the tip of my cold nose on your neck.

You are not here to get annoyed at how I always sleep with my feet outside the blanket however cold it got.

You are not here and so on cold nights like these I miss you even more.



Penman Diary
6 NOV 2017 AT 8:37

He lost his brother that night and maybe his belief on god too.
The night was cold but still
no match to his soul.


#tpmd #brother #cold

Tale by Shivam Gupta


Jhelum Anikhindi
15 MAY 2017 AT 3:32

You love hot showers
I prefer them cold
Yet every once in a while
I turn on the heater
The steaming water
Touching my skin
Tends to feel like
You're wrapped around me



Prem Kumar Chanda
27 NOV 2017 AT 12:11

"Winter is coming."
Cold and cough be like,
"Season's greetings."



Aayushi Sonkar
12 MAY 2017 AT 22:13

it always felt undone
with the thought of me
loving you enough.

it always felt blank
with the thought of you
leaving me destroyed.

it always felt numb
with the thought of me
that it wasn't meant to last.

it always felt cold
with the thought of me
asking you why?



Shan Muazzam
11 DEC 2017 AT 9:42

It's so hard to get out of bed when it's cold and rainy outside. โ„๐ŸŒงโ›„


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