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#chocolateday quotes

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Titly 🦋 9 FEB AT 11:00

Kitkat ka taste ho tum
Ka ehsaas ho tum
Milk cake se v khash
Ho tum, jo v ho
Mere liye 5 star ho tum


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Jatin Aswal 9 FEB 2018 AT 19:31

"Daddy! How am I looking?" my 4-year-old daughter, Pihu asked.
"What have you done baby?"
"Daddy! I applied lipstick."
"But you should have used lipstick for that purpose na, and not dairy milk. You look horrible," I sighed.
She started crying.

"Oh god!" I said and picked her up in my arms and patted on her back.
"Bachcha! You look so cute. I was kidding."
And to my surprise, she stopped crying immediately.
"Thank you, Daddy," she shouted with joy.

Kids are very good at faking their cries.


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Jatin Aswal 9 FEB AT 19:02

11:30 pm : *on video call*

"You know what, I'm badly craving for chocolates."

"And what else are you craving for?" I simply asked.

She smiled, and said, "Mmm! Jalebi. Red velvet cheesecake."

"That's it? The list ends here?"

"For now? Yes."

12:00 am : *still on video call*

"Wait! Someone is there on the door. But it's 12! Lemme check." She put the call on hold.

That night was the first time I saw her crying on receiving chocolates.

Also, in the nights ahead, she received Jalebi and red velvet cheesecake exactly at 12:00 am each time.


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Aman Srivastava 9 FEB AT 7:04

U are my chocolate baby...
I am your wrapper...
This is my heart but...
You are the trapper...


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अपने अहसासों को जमा कर लाया हूं
चॉकलेट नहीं, अपने इश्क़ का स्वाद चखाने आया हूं
- ©सचिन यादव


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Aman Srivastava 9 FEB AT 10:06

❤️Happy Chocolate Day❤️

मेरे दिल की धड़कन हो तुम सब...
मेरी diarymilk, KitKat भी हो तुम सब...
रहना हमेशा यूँ ही मेरे साथ क्योंकि...
मेरी Favourite चॉकलेट हो तुम सब..

"Dedicated to female followers"...
"Ladkon ka kya h wo to aise bhi post pe aate rhenge"😝😝...Q bhaiyon??


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Ritesh Raikwar 9 FEB AT 10:40

ये मुझे याद है..

मेरा तुमसे ज़िद करना तोड़ी सी मेरे लिए और तेरा मुझे फिर मुझे अपने लबो से चॉकलेट खिलाना..

ये मुझे याद है..।।

मुझे याद है तुझे चॉकलेट पसंद नही..।।


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Sayoni Mitra 9 FEB 2018 AT 7:55

Chocolates prove that darkness can also be good..


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Dewansh Kumar 9 FEB AT 14:02

All the friends outside the class were busy doing an assignment when Arshi looked at Harsh.
"Hey, why are you sulking? Don't you have an assignment to do?" She asked. "No. I am hungry." Harsh said with a grumpy face. "Eat the chocolates from my bag, it's in the class and don't make that face again."
Harsh went in the class, he took out a leftover. 
Next day, when Harsh returned after playing basketball, he asked Arshi for her bag. She was writing his assignment. 
"What do you want to do with my bag?" 
"I am hungry. I want chocolates."
"You sit here and complete your assignment. I'll fetch the bag." Arshi scolded him.
She went in the class, took a bite of a chocolate and put it back in the bag. 
"Here," she said throwing the bag at Harsh. 
He opened the bag and out of the three chocolates, he chose the one which Arshi had just crunched.
Arshi was staring at him munching the chocolate. All of sudden, Harsh gazed at her, their eyes locked and they smiled. 


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Rishu Mridula Anand 9 FEB AT 13:47

बेटा सुन लो हमारी बात,
चौंसठ की उम्र में ग़लत नहीं बताएँगे तुम्हें,
चॉकलेट खाने के वैसे तो नुक़सान बहुत है;
दिल की धड़कनें बढ़ जाती हैं बेवजह,
रातों को नींद नहीं आती ठीक से,
दाँत भी झड़ सकते हैं बिल्कुल हमारी तरह

पर कोई प्यार वाली
चॉकलेट खिलाए तो ज़रूर से खा लेना
और, दो-चार को खिला भी देना


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