You told me i shouldn't see him,
And now my love life is a mess,
You told me he's not good enough for me,
And now i wonder why i disagreed,
You told me he'll break my heart into pieces,
And now i am stuck in this situation,
I am surviving every moment,
You warned me but i chose him above you,
Thinking of the time when you told me i am your princess,
Craving for my childhood,
Crying for that moment when i should have heard you,
Instead of hurting you i should have held your hand and have said i believe you,
But it was his false promises that took me along.
I wish i would've listened to you because dad you are the one to whom i really belong.



Why growing up sucks?
(In Captions)

Why can't things be simple like it was in our childhood. The time when the word racism didn't existed in our dictionary. When we ate lunch in the same tiffin box although we were from different religion, cast or creed. When hatred and jealousy were not a part of our hobbies. The time when we didn't gave a fuck about this dirty politics. When we didn't ask an Indian Muslim- "Do you support Pakistan." Or We didn't called Hindus- "Islamophobe". We were unaware of the word intolerance. We were happy. We were free. #childhood #simplicity #free #carefree #dirtypolitics #YQBaba #tpmd #religion #intolerence #happy #love


सुबह  की हलकी धुप में 
कांच की गोलियों पर
  हाथ  फेरते ही 
उनके चेहरे मिल आते थे हमारे चेहरों से 
    फिर टकराते थे हमारी शान  में 
     उनकी गूंज विजय का आह्वान सुनाती थी |
बारिश में जब 
    दौडते थे 
     धरती आसमान का मिलन पाने
 हमारे पैरो के निचे से 
      धरती सुबक आती थी 
    पिया मिलन की शर्म न आवें 
   शायद इसलिए हमें चिढ़ाती थी |
रंग बिरंगो रंगो में 
घुल आती तितलियों को 
    पकड़ने की साजिश में 
   हम चोर पुलिस बन आते  थे 
फिर सरपट दौड़ती उनकी जिंदगी 
       हमारे हाथों से आखिर  बच ही जाती थी |
बालम होती थी पोखरें 
प्रेमिकायें कहीं दूर मधुर गीत सुनती थी 
   उड़ते थे फिर नदियों के मुहाने में 
 मुट्ठियों में पानी मापकर 
     हम फिर शेखी बघारते थे |

#yqdidi #childhood #yopowrimo Edited* बचपन की सुबह से शाम तक के जीवन को लिखने की कोशिश | बचपन भी था साला !!!


The dream of every adult  today is to be a child again but why does anyone want to do this ?.The awnser is simple ,its the golden period of every person as bruised knees were much better than broken hearts .The burden of books was far more lighter than the burden of expectations .Running in a lemon spoon race was much easier than being a runner in the race of competition .Wishing everyone with heart was more truthful than wishing everyone with emojis .Thinking that demons live in hell was much comforting than realising that demons live in humans only .Solving the problems of math was much easy than solving the problems of life.Giving the exams of school was much easy than exams of life .Getting an star on notebook was much bigger achievement than getting grades which did not value our talents.Not knowing the meaning of death was better than dying from inside everyday either mentally or emotionally.Searching for hidden friends was much better than finding true friends.Sleeping to take rest was relaxing than sleeping to give the phone a rest.Playing with toys was much better than playing with someone's feelings .The food of mother's hand was much tastier than five star hotel food

#childhood #adulthood #yqbaba #yqdidi Childhood is the golden period of everyone's life & no one should waste it ,guys enjoy your childhood & even after growing up keep the child inside you alive


As the time passes so does the innocence of the child....