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I borrowed a dream 
A dream of flying aimlessly in the sky
Or over the sky; I don't know 
This aimless aim proves to be true
As I'm a pilot now 
But the mistake I did 
Not to fly a paper plane.

Sometimes we leave our desire to follow another one and when the time passes we regret for that. Childhood is the precious part of our life, if we enjoy it we miss it. If we couldn't not we wish another childhood and we get it by watching our son, daughter or younger siblings enjoying themselves. #yqbaba #yqtales #life #childhood #paperplane #thewalaunknown #63 #yqdidi


I sit there Marvelling at the marvels that childhood has to offer School children titter down singing the songs enthralled Ask the corridors about them "They walk softly upon the earth" they say I envy these children, really do I haven't experienced the happiness of knowing, that you're happy I've had the feeling when you're happy & elated When everything seems to bloom When you want the time to stop When you want to tell people about the way your mind is giggling,playing & importantly living I've had my fair share of such moments When I've felt nostalgic of a time that wasn't over yet About a time that you don't want to get away from The kind of time that you want to hold onto even if it's just for few moments But when the time ends I become= me But I still remind myself that I experienced something and there's so much joy in being there In the moment Because Laughter is the best medicine #yqbaba #blastfrompast #childhood