Black Indians 🌚♥

They say Indian are black.
Yes.I am black.
And have tremendous pride for that.
Because not our actions but our sweet words are enough to kill you.
We are Indians.And have no shame to say that it was our India that gave you shelter for thousand years.But instead you started rulling them.
We provided you sympathy,you rewarded us anti pathy.
But that's alright dear.We are black.
And we have much pride for that.
As even in the sky a little darkness is essential to see the stars !🌟

Our answer should be like this.Instead of "How can you call us so?" It is the nature of eloquent personality.i.e.-Indians 😇

yes...dear enemy countries n friends.. we are black... n we have pride for that.. #eloquentBT#BTTalks#boostthyself#yqbaba#yqdidi#yqmotabhai#black#blackisbeautiful#blackbeauty#tpmd