Mohit Mamoria   (मोहित वर्डस्मिथ)
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Words are fire, and I still play with them.
Joined 29 October 2016

Words are fire, and I still play with them.
Joined 29 October 2016
Mohit Mamoria YESTERDAY AT 13:20

मैं भी रंग, तू भी रंग,
होली की तू ख़ूबसूरत रंगोली,
मैं चिट्टे कुर्ते पर लगा दाग़।


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Mohit Mamoria 10 MAR AT 22:39

Over here, in the sky,
Outside the window,
A hummingbird would fly.

Staring through it inside,
At the sunflower in the vase,
To enter, it would try.

It eventually goes away,
Only to return the next day,
Somewhere from the sky.

I was just sitting there,
Confused and wondering,
On a couch nearby.

The sunflower spoke,
He’ll keep coming back,
And will keep giving it a try.

I was his favorite flower,
He’ll keep coming until,
He dies or I die.


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Mohit Mamoria 24 FEB AT 23:19

Look, the world is huge,
Some day, we could be afar,
And there’d be something,
You’d want to share,
It could be a laugh, a hug,
A kiss or a tear,
How big or little,
Would not be the matter,
Today, I swear,
I’d come zooming through the air,
If not, I’d swim the oceans,
If not, I’d run feet bare,
Today, I swear,
The moment you’d want me,
I’d be right there.


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Mohit Mamoria 20 FEB AT 22:16

Empty pockets,
On long roads,
Were the worst,
Was my belief,
Then, love told me,
Being someone’s
Second to last lover,
Is the greatest grief,
For then you realize,
You were stealing,
The world from them,
That you were a thief.


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Mohit Mamoria 18 FEB AT 4:10

The game's hard,
Yet you'll win,
You can,
You should,
You will.

No matter,
How cold the winters,
There will be spring,
And with it,


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Mohit Mamoria 11 FEB AT 22:32

जैसे एक रंग बिरंगी पतंग,
वो दूर सी उड़ती उड़ जाए,
आसमान के रंग मंच पे,
पतंगो से वो पेच लड़ाए,
देख तमाशा, ये ज़माना,
तालियाँ बजाए।

मैं भी देखूँ उसे, नीचे से,
लहराते हुए, इतराते हुए,
उड़ पाता काश मैं भी,
मुझसे भी वो पेच लड़ाती,
तमाशा होता, तालियाँ बजती,
पर जो मैं उससे लटक जाता,
ना मैं उड़ पाता, ना वो उड़ पाती।

शाम होते ही ख़ुद लौट आए,
अलमारी के एक कोने में,
मुझसे लिपट कर सो जाए,
कहानी थोड़ी पेचीदा है,
नहीं ये गलियों का चर्चा,
वो मेरी रंग बिरंगी पतंग,
मैं उसका जाँचा परखा,
माँझे में उलझा,
एक चरख़ा।


पतंग, मांझा, और...???
#yqbaba #yqfilms #love #promise #poetry #writing

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Mohit Mamoria 7 FEB AT 22:13

One with the flaws,
Is the perfect of all forms,
For what would be the shore,
Without its deadly storms,
Broken leaves and branches,
Is not what the garden mourns,
For what would be a rose,
Without its crown of thorns.


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Mohit Mamoria 31 JAN AT 1:11

Growing up,
I saw several storms,
Of lights and thunder,
Looking at them,
I used to wonder,
Will I ever see a storm,
That not just moves trees,
Or mountains or stones,
But a storm,
That knows the art,
To shake one's heart,
And years later,
I met you, sweetheart.


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Mohit Mamoria 28 JAN AT 20:46

They told a secret,
To love a girl who reads,
For she will know,
There are worlds beyond,
The world full of needs,
But they held the real secret,
To love a girl who makes you write,
For she will know,
When black meets the white,
It’s not always,
Out comes the gray,
For she will know,
How to put black ink,
On a white paper,
And create a world,
From black and white,
A world full of colors.


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Mohit Mamoria 18 JAN AT 23:15

In all those goodbyes,
We didn’t realize,
One turned out to be,
The last one.


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