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YourQuote Baba
9 NOV 2017 AT 19:41

Dear Writers,

Air pollution is the talk of the town. Time to put out your thoughts on them.

1. Word of the day challenge: AIR.
Use the word in your stories/one-liners/poems that lets us munch.

2. Write a poem/haiku/prose comparing DAY and NIGHT. How both are similar and how both are different from each other.


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Harish Satheesan
4 MAY 2017 AT 0:37

Sighing at the bulging belly, she mourned at her unusable wardrobe, the gowns were crammy, the frocks didn't match and she sulked at her dismal state as she swivelled and turned to browse through the saggy chunks disrupting her appearance. He stared at her hustle from the doorway and said, "You bled and bled throughout your puberty and adolescence. You shred and screamed, you almost died and survived. You steamed through relentless agony so that I could continue my heirloom. I have only been a spectator throughout our baby's birth and if you ask me now about your body, all I can say is that I won't let a small chunk of fat change my mind about someone so beautiful." Their baby girl grasped invisible molecules from the air and rattled the cradle.



YourQuote Baba
25 APR 2017 AT 20:11

Dear Writers,

1. The word of the day is AIR. Use it in your poem or story or one-liner and make your readers breathless. 😊

2. Write a 4 line poem with the rhyme scheme: ABAB. Use any one of the following phrases in it: first meeting, stopover, get lost, sinful pleasure, favourite mistake.


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Sahil Bhardwaj
17 DEC 2017 AT 20:26

As I breathe the fragrant air
all around me
And I see the colourful sky
far above the oceans and mountains
a charmey rainbow rises so high...

As I see the classical sights of nation
all around me
and drink from the sweet wells and streams
I feel such an obvious feeling of freedom
for this is the place of my dreams...

As I hear the melodious music
all around me
that float through the places I roam
I gaze at the trees I pass by
and know that these places are my own...

As I smell the fragrances of flowers
all around me
their colours so vivid and strong
and knowing wherever I wander
My heart here, shall always belong...



Parampreet kaur
10 NOV 2017 AT 4:46

जिंदगी पेड़ से बिछड़े उस
सूखे पत्ते की तरह हो गई है,
जिसे अगर कोई उठाता भी है
तो जलाने के लिए।



Payal Dutta
9 NOV 2017 AT 20:20


I was fresh,
I was clean,
Helped you breathe,
But my love unseen.

Dependent I've become,
So grey before my age,
Since you turned me old,
Now I'll settle in your cage.



Payal Dutta
30 NOV 2017 AT 11:19

Single because
I found no love in the air
but in the heart of my heir.


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