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Joined 2 May 2017
Parampreet kaur 17 NOV AT 1:08

Blessed to have you❤... I thought of you today but that is nothing new, because I think of you everyday. You know your presence in my life is the biggest gift I have ever had. You care for me like no one can ever do. Thank you for everything what I learnt from you, your love and your life. Thank you for making my life easy, comfortable, beautiful by being with me. If you are with me then I can never feel alone or down, doesn't matter if anyone call me selfish but yes I need you all the time to solve my problems. You are way more special to me than you'll ever know. I am always grateful to have you in my life. I wish may God will make your life like Heaven.... Just checked my gallery and recalled my whole life... Love you Mr. Malhi❤


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Parampreet kaur 29 JUN AT 20:52

I'll let you into my heart;
But wipe your thinking
At the door before knocking it.


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Parampreet kaur 23 DEC 2018 AT 18:46

अब समझाने का नहीं.....
बस समझने का मन‌ है।


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Parampreet kaur 17 AUG 2018 AT 21:17

Tell your troubles to
the one who
is the source of
all comfort.


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Parampreet kaur 28 JUN 2018 AT 23:04

पलकें आंखों से सवाल करतीं हैं,
"कब आएंगे वो,
जिनके दीदार के लिए नम रहती हो?"
आंखों का बहुत ही प्यारा जवाब,
"किसी पल हो जाएगीं शांत हम भी,
इंतज़ार अब उनका नहीं, मौत का है।।"


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Parampreet kaur 5 MAY 2018 AT 10:29

हम करवट बदलते रहे
और यह चाँद सूरज हो गया,
हम मन समझाते रहे
और यह तकिया गीला हो गया,
हम जुबां को समझाते रहे
फिर भी यह दर्द बयान हो गया,
कितना कुछ छीन लिया तुमने मुझसे
जो मेरा है, उसपे भी मेरा हक न रहा।


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Parampreet kaur 21 FEB 2018 AT 20:52

A friend is a stormproof shelter
from life’s challenges, troubles,
uncertainties, an unassailable
bond overcoming any challenge,
strengthening the connection in
the process. You are all this and
more, my friend. Thank you for
being with me. I can't lose you
in my life. Because, if i ever
did this, I will lose my best
friend, my soul mate, my
smile, my laugh, my everything.


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Parampreet kaur 28 JAN 2018 AT 20:45

मंजिल चाहे दूर है,
हौसले भी जिद्दी है।
अब जाने क्या होगा,
मंजिल को चाहने वाले..
भी तो जिद्दी है।


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Parampreet kaur 8 JAN 2018 AT 17:35

I may die,
Everything may set.
But you are a friend,
I will never forget.
Your friendship is so precious,
It will never grow old,
Your name engraved in my heart
In letters of gold.


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Parampreet kaur 5 JAN 2018 AT 20:13

The day i realised that there is a difference between pray and prey than i get to know that people don't pray for the weak but they use to prey on the weak from sunrise to sunset.


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